Pedestal Tubs Have Style Bases Covered

Claw-foot tubs, those freestanding beauties that encircle on four legs that were cosmetic, have enjoyed a resurgence due to charm and their shapely curves. But among their drawbacks is the fact that cleaning the floor area beneath them can be a headache (or, more correctly, a backache).

To get a similar look with simpler maintenance, go to get a pedestal bathtub instead. These versions have the generous soaking area and graceful traces of the claw-foot cousins, but they rest on a good foundation rather than feet. They seem more updated and swallow less space than the whirlpool models that were the rage in the ’90s, plus they add a touch of spa-like luxury into the easiest of baths.

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Zieba Builders, Inc..

A timeless pedestal bathtub, tucked into a window alcove that overlooks a beautiful view of the outside, softens the angular lines of this serene bath. A chandelier over underscores the sense of a luxurious retreat.

Tip: Depending on where you set your bathtub, you may need specialty fixtures which can drive up the pipes bill, such as a floor-mounted or rim-mounted faucet and proper drain and overflow mechanisms. Prior to purchasing, consult with a certified plumber about your choices and what their installment will demand.

If you want to use the bathtub as a shower base, you’re going to need a separate shower enclosure and faucet, which will add yet another layer of costs and complications.

Renewal Design-Build

They can be a wise option for bathrooms because tubs appear to float inside their surroundings. Not only do they take up less visual space, but their smaller footprint exposes more floors.

Beckwith Interiors

Among the best features of pedestal bathtubs is their versatility. If you have the space, and whether the water source could be configured accordingly, you could position one at any place in the bathroom that fits your requirements. In addition they come in these diverse lengths and widths which you don’t have to worry about conforming to a predetermined niche.

Tip: Pedestal tubs are normally expensive compared to conventional styles — expect to pay approximately $1,000 to $2,000 to get a simple model from a home center. Custom surfaces or expensive materials, such as the walnut to the bathtub can propel the price tag as large as five figures.

Looking for bargains? Try salvage stores Craigslist, flea markets and auction sites.

Courtney Blanton Interiors

This tub slips neatly in an odd piece of space between 2 vanities and produces a point that is compelling. The eye is led by the pattern of the veined marble flooring directly.

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Friehauf Architects Inc..

Although people picture bathtubs in their oval form, this style has been redefined by fresh profiles. This version rests on a base that is slender and has.

Tip: For young children or for those with restricted mobility, getting in and out of a freestanding bathtub can be difficult. Maintain a slip-proof stool .

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

One downside of freestanding tubs is they surround for storing accessories or lack a ledge. The solution? Add a table nearby and bring in baskets for towels, a rack for robes and other areas to corral sundries.

Stonewood, LLC

Another strategy: Place the bathtub next to a wall of built-ins that keep tub gear. Since the cabinetry will not, in this setting, the bathtub feels.

Wendy Black Rodgers Interiors

Much like claw-foot and other freestanding tubs, the outside provides an opportunity to add a shot of a different end or colour to the toilet. This turquoise variation, together with green walls, brightens a area.

Tip: Painting or reglazing the outside of a bathtub is a catchy, time-consuming and potentially hazardous process, involving strong chemicals and/or laborious sanding of the old end. Should you lack DIY experience and sufficient security features such as ample ventilation, have an expert deal with the job.

Jane Kim Design

A chrome-plated slipper design, with a studded band around the floor, lends a sleek, edgy notice to an industrial area.

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Gibson Gimpel Interior Design

This nickel and aluminum bathtub emits a feeling of rustic warmth and harks back into the mobile tin washtubs of pioneer times.

Tip: Although cast iron and other metal bathtubs retain heat exceptionally well, they are also quite heavy. Have your flooring to find out whether it can bear the weight is assessed by a professional. Fiberglass and resin versions are lighter alternatives.

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