Readers' Choice: The 10 Most Popular Bathrooms of 2012

Each of 2012’s treasured baths offers something different to ers. Some inspire organizational ideas, others present creative tiling techniques, while still others take advantage of colour and natural light. Were you among those subscribers who saved these baths to an ideabook this past year? Take a look — among these magnificent spaces may inspire you.

ID by Gwen

1. Open-concept shower in Washington state. Crisp tiles and a intelligent shower layout inspired ers’ own bathroom remodels. readers saved this picture for the open-concept shower, simple tub and blend of tile designs.


2. Sunlit Boston shower. While more shut than the previous shower, this shower’s skylight and porthole window allow for plenty of light. An integrated seat and unique door contour made it worth saving for many readers.

Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

3. Portland bathtub’s towel. Open Granite Cabinets to store towels in the conclusion of this tub inspired new storage solutions in ers’ bathrooms.


4. Double vanity in Denver. Figuring out how to organize a dual vanity can be difficult, but readers found it a little easier thanks to this picture. Shared and storage allows for plenty of drawer space. Restoration Hardware mirrors price less than habit however still possess a high-end appearance.

Frank Shirley Architects

5. Foggy Cape Cod bath that is blue. Not every homeowner wants an all-white bathroom, also readers adored that the blue walls and hardwood flooring in this area provided contrast.

Griffin Enright Architects

6. Open, modern California shower. This area’s tall ceilings, natural light and contrasting dark hardwood flooring caught ers’ eyes when they had been searching baths this year. The clean lines of this shower and bath would work in any home.

Hanson Fine Building

7. Lively Philadelphia and bright bathroom. It’s amazing what a little color can do. Splashes of citron in the sink and bathtub and a cheerful blue wall shade completely update the conventional style of this toilet.

Mike Connell

8. Gorgeous tilework in San Francisco. subscribers loved the large-format tile in this toilet. The striking tile grain brings the eyes across the stone-covered area.

Lake Country Builders

9. Woodwork in Minnesota. Mixing up the tile dimensions on this toilet flooring makes for an eye-catching layout with just a single material. ers also noted that the wood cabinets and toilet door when saving this picture into their ideabooks.

J.S. Brown & Co..

10. Contrasting neutrals in Ohio. Despite the neutral palette, this bath has several unique design characteristics that readers wished to keep on file. The dark trim round the ceiling, the tiled ceiling and a contrasting tile flooring keep this toilet visually intriguing.

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Pedestal Tubs Have Style Bases Covered

Claw-foot tubs, those freestanding beauties that encircle on four legs that were cosmetic, have enjoyed a resurgence due to charm and their shapely curves. But among their drawbacks is the fact that cleaning the floor area beneath them can be a headache (or, more correctly, a backache).

To get a similar look with simpler maintenance, go to get a pedestal bathtub instead. These versions have the generous soaking area and graceful traces of the claw-foot cousins, but they rest on a good foundation rather than feet. They seem more updated and swallow less space than the whirlpool models that were the rage in the ’90s, plus they add a touch of spa-like luxury into the easiest of baths.

Read the baths below, then make a comment and tell us which bathtubs hit your fancy.

Zieba Builders, Inc..

A timeless pedestal bathtub, tucked into a window alcove that overlooks a beautiful view of the outside, softens the angular lines of this serene bath. A chandelier over underscores the sense of a luxurious retreat.

Tip: Depending on where you set your bathtub, you may need specialty fixtures which can drive up the pipes bill, such as a floor-mounted or rim-mounted faucet and proper drain and overflow mechanisms. Prior to purchasing, consult with a certified plumber about your choices and what their installment will demand.

If you want to use the bathtub as a shower base, you’re going to need a separate shower enclosure and faucet, which will add yet another layer of costs and complications.

Renewal Design-Build

They can be a wise option for bathrooms because tubs appear to float inside their surroundings. Not only do they take up less visual space, but their smaller footprint exposes more floors.

Beckwith Interiors

Among the best features of pedestal bathtubs is their versatility. If you have the space, and whether the water source could be configured accordingly, you could position one at any place in the bathroom that fits your requirements. In addition they come in these diverse lengths and widths which you don’t have to worry about conforming to a predetermined niche.

Tip: Pedestal tubs are normally expensive compared to conventional styles — expect to pay approximately $1,000 to $2,000 to get a simple model from a home center. Custom surfaces or expensive materials, such as the walnut to the bathtub can propel the price tag as large as five figures.

Looking for bargains? Try salvage stores Craigslist, flea markets and auction sites.

Courtney Blanton Interiors

This tub slips neatly in an odd piece of space between 2 vanities and produces a point that is compelling. The eye is led by the pattern of the veined marble flooring directly.

Is marble right for you? Find out more

Friehauf Architects Inc..

Although people picture bathtubs in their oval form, this style has been redefined by fresh profiles. This version rests on a base that is slender and has.

Tip: For young children or for those with restricted mobility, getting in and out of a freestanding bathtub can be difficult. Maintain a slip-proof stool .

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

One downside of freestanding tubs is they surround for storing accessories or lack a ledge. The solution? Add a table nearby and bring in baskets for towels, a rack for robes and other areas to corral sundries.

Stonewood, LLC

Another strategy: Place the bathtub next to a wall of built-ins that keep tub gear. Since the cabinetry will not, in this setting, the bathtub feels.

Wendy Black Rodgers Interiors

Much like claw-foot and other freestanding tubs, the outside provides an opportunity to add a shot of a different end or colour to the toilet. This turquoise variation, together with green walls, brightens a area.

Tip: Painting or reglazing the outside of a bathtub is a catchy, time-consuming and potentially hazardous process, involving strong chemicals and/or laborious sanding of the old end. Should you lack DIY experience and sufficient security features such as ample ventilation, have an expert deal with the job.

Jane Kim Design

A chrome-plated slipper design, with a studded band around the floor, lends a sleek, edgy notice to an industrial area.

Watch more of this New York attic

Gibson Gimpel Interior Design

This nickel and aluminum bathtub emits a feeling of rustic warmth and harks back into the mobile tin washtubs of pioneer times.

Tip: Although cast iron and other metal bathtubs retain heat exceptionally well, they are also quite heavy. Have your flooring to find out whether it can bear the weight is assessed by a professional. Fiberglass and resin versions are lighter alternatives.

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8 Vanity Flair Fashions for a Chic Bathroom

A bathroom vanity, if in a powder room or master bathroom, provides a special opportunity to demonstrate a little character. If I had been to equate a vanity to a style element, it’d definitely be the shoe. Like a shoe, a vanity functions a fundamental function at the same time as it creates a statement.

You can enhance the attractiveness of a bathroom vanity with everything you encircle it with, for example wallpaper, plumbing or hardware. Particular pairings are able to effect a vanity feel contemporary, exotic or whimsical. Try on these styles for dimensions — and think about taking several steps toward a daring vanity statement in your property.

Lizette Marie Interior Design

A basic white vanity contrasts a daring accent wall of blue mosaic tile. A vanity with drawers supplies storage for toiletries and linens.

Hostetler Custom Cabinetry

This open vanity includes a shelf for a basket to store towels in, and the shape of its backsplash provides it vintage appeal. A stand-alone cabinet separates the toilet from the vanity and permits for additional storage.

K2 Design Group, Inc..

This sleek, contemporary bathroom features a floating (wall-mounted) vanity paired with a round electrical mirror that offers two-directional light. Ideally toilet lighting must come from above and in front, at eye level.

Like a fundamental black flat shoe, this vanity is custom sized and fits perfectly. It’s a dresser-inspired design to hold all toilet essentials. Glam sconces and round hardware pulls dress up the bathroom’s basic black particulars.

Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home

This powder room comprises an actual dresser that’s been plumbed with a boat sink. A wall-mounted faucet is a great method to spare surface area on a vanity with a shallow depth.

Tucker & Marks

This powder room vanity is bathed in luscious layers of texture. A powder room is a great place for showing off a superb vessel sink with a vanity. Vessel sinks look terrific but are best for powder rooms.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Fantastic hardware enhances the sleek transitional design of the vanity. A double-thick counter detail adds to the contemporary vibe.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

This double-wide vanity actually resembles a piece of furniture. The additional surface area with just one sink is a luxury.

A typical counter height for a vanity is 34 to 36 inches, depending on the user. Take a 3- to 4-inch splash at the rear of a vanity for simple maintenance.

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21 Dream Showers Permit You Soap Up in Style

Are you a person or a person that is shower? Or, like me, does it depend on your disposition? If the invigorating feeling of a full body spray, the gentle fall of hot rain or the soothing, muscle-relaxing pulse of an oscillating spray sounds great, this ideabook is for you.

Luxurious materials, magnificent settings and the latest in technology brings to the experience in these sensational shower designs. Once you go in, it may be a lengthy time until you come out.

Moroccan Design

This Moroccan-inspired shower makes my fantasy record for its sheer dazzling magnificence of this jewel-like mosaic tile, the colours on the wall and that fairly fuchsia cupboard. In addition, I adore the raised platform of this shower surrounded with a hardly there frameless glass enclosure. What a fashion!

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

When I watched this clear, totally tubular shower, my first idea was “Beam me up, Scotty.” Then I understood Scotty could not actually beam me anywhere much better than this. It’s a movement sensing door which opens automatically, which is fairly space era.

This ought to appeal to wannabe go-go dancers; nothing like a little exhibitionism to begin daily. It is the Transtube 360 from Roca.

Large glass doors using a curbless transition into the outside in conjunction with a skylight and back-painted glass the colour of water and skies create an experience that is like showering out in the open. A very free atmosphere and one which requires a secluded site.

Speaking of dreams, this shower nevertheless is only that: a fantasy. This is a photorealistic 3-D rendering done to conceptualize the entire space before building. The designer has envisioned a wood floor that continues in a curbless fashion from the main tub to the shower. River stone outside the floor-to-ceiling windows is continuing indoors around the shower stage. This is like showering out in the jungle with no bugs.

Many designers are operating with 3-D modeling applications to give a flavor of what the room will really look like before the customer commits to building the layout. The more photorealistic the manufacturing, the more it costs to get it generated, but it sure beats the hell out of a floor plan in pencil on chart paper for visualization.

Tracy Stone AIA

What could be dreamier than showering in a warm rain when gazing up at a blue sky? What a great idea for getting sun in your shower whilst still maintaining your privacy.

The Grene Group

A luxurious stone texture fills one wall of this shower. The handheld showerhead is as sleek as they come, but it’s the rain showerhead that will make me feel like I was in a secluded, natural grotto.

Combining sauna and shower is another luxury idea. The rough-hewn granite and hefty logs create a grounding environment in which to sit back and unwind.

This shower is simply pure opulence, with the walls and floor covered in beautifully colored stone. Just being in here would make me feel like a million bucks.

Fl├╝ff Designs & Decor

A very dramatic look is achieved with book-matched marble with a striking vein pattern. When you look closely you’ll realize there are body spray fixtures set in the wall into the left as well as a square rain showerhead in the ceiling and the other showerhead on the wall. Setting fixtures to the wall allows the rock’s beauty stand out with minimal interruption.

Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts (Bangalore)

A shower pillar is another way to bring the luxury of body spray fixtures and several showerhead features without needing to run pipes.

At first glance you notice this shower shares a beautiful tile wall using the vanity. But what is not so noticeable is the high-tech character of this shower. It’s the Kohler DTV ll digital showering system, which controls the temperature, steam, spray, sound and lighting of your own shower all from one controller. It also has Kohler’s SoundTile speakers plus a rain-shower panel on the ceiling that offers mood lighting. Watch the end of this ideabook for the product links.

Phil Kean Designs

This shower gets exactly the same DTV ll controller, and here you get to realize that mood lighting in actions. Pretty slick.


This is one of the most whimsical and artistic showers I have ever seen. All those blue glass plates create a shower display reminiscent of big bubbles. 1 commenter notes that all you would need to do to wash them is pop them in the dishwasher.

Christopher Scott Homes

This is a shower worthy of a castle. Creamy rock, graceful arches and a vaulted ceiling all create ambiance fit for royalty.

James Patrick Walters

An indoor shower right next to an outdoor shower would have me saying, “Eeny meeny miney mo.” They are both so pretty; I don’t know if I could handle having to create such a hard decision first thing in the afternoon.

John Lively & Associates

For those who like to sing in the shower, this one has speakers all the way round. The view and amazing wood-beam ceiling give you something to sing about.

John Kraemer & Sons

The sensual lines of this undulating shower seat offer an inviting spot to perch.

Stockett Tile & Granite Company

Showers for 2 really are a terrific attribute, whether the objective is for 2 people to prepare at the same period in the morning or only keep each other company.

Helen scott

Occasionally an extremely lovely tile is enough to make a shower feel like a fantasy. This metallic damask is simply lovely.

PLAN architecture | layout | strategy

A shower does not have to be enormous to be fantastic. I adore this light-filled shower-and-tub combo. The gossamer-thin white shower curtain onto a ceiling track is a fairly look, plus it accommodates those who are modest.

Who says humans are the only ones who should have a fantasy shower? A handheld showerhead and custom tile create a shower which will make any pooch feel positively pampered.


DTV II Digital Showering System – $1,882.65

Control sound, steam, temperature and more at the touch of a button.


SoundTile Speakers – $378.25

These SoundTile speakers give you music to accompany your singing and will not get in the way of you shaking your booty.

Contemporary Showers – $3,508.95

This rain showerhead glows with coloured mood lighting for a truly sensual shower.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

Skyline Showerpanel | Hansgrohe US

One of my favorite shower panels, this one by Hansgrohe sports two fold-away showerheads at different levels, plus a fold-away nonslip footrest so ladies have a place to set their foot whilst shaving their legs. Insert the five body sprays and neat hose handling and this is a real winner.

Inform us : Did you see the shower of your dreams here? Is there anything that these photographers left out which you’d include in yours?

Dream Tubs for Bath Lovers

The situation for a Curbless Shower

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