Guest Picks: 20 Rugs from Around the World

Cabinets can perform more than warm up the flooring of your inside; they can be a cultural statement as well. Through unique rugs, you can be transported from Morocco into the Orient with only 1 step. Here are some amazing rugs from all over the globe that are sure to assist you bring color, pattern and ethnic style to your house. — Jeanine from AphroChic

Amadi Carpets

Re-Woven Turkish Rug

You can opt for big pops of color with this up-cycled Turkish flooring covering. The coolest part is that it is made from the re-dyed wool of rugs that are older.


Boucherouite #25 – $820

This Boucherouite rug hails from Morocco. Scraps of recycled substances have been pieced together to create colorful and energetic carpets that are sure to brighten any space.


Red Azillal Berber Rug – $850

In the hills of Morocco, this antique berber rug is absolutely spectacular in deep hues of black and red.

Morris Etc..

The South Portland Rug 16

Vintage Peruvian rug layout looks amazing in contemporary and fresh colors such as pink, purple and ocean green. I think this rug could be ideal for a little one’s room.

Morris Etc..

The Bracken Ridge Rug 11 – $375

This Bracken Ridge rug is 100 percent wool, one-of-a-kind and made in Peru. It’s among my favorites in candy-colored hues of pink and orange.

L’aviva house

Moroccan wedding costume – $615

Antique wedding blankets were worn by Moroccan brides on their wedding day. They are now able to be used as blankets, as well as rugs, to bring a little sparkle to a room.

The Loaded Trunk

Vintage Tulu Rug – $549

Tulu rugs are Turkish shag carpeting. The variety of colors is magnificent; just one could create a rainbow effect in a neutral room.

The Loaded Trunk

Patchwork Kilim Rug – $299

A patchwork kilim rug from Turkey is a excellent way to bring both color and design home.


Agadir Twists Rug – $498

I can’t get enough of the rug from Anthropologie. It has a mix of deep and electric hues that make it a complete statement piece.

L’aviva house

Shyrdak Felt Rugs

A rug from Kyrgyzstan is a way to add some global style. Each rug comes in many different colors and patterns so you can find the one perfect for your inside.

ABC Carpet

Color Reform 4’2″x6’0″ – $999

This Pakistani rug was re-dyed in a beautiful purple. It’s a fantastic means to usher in some color in your home.

Amadi Carpets

Beni Ouarian Rug

The abstract pattern with this Moroccan rug has a free-form illustrative feel. It’s like a work of art to your floor.

Amadi Carpets

Turkey Vintage Kilim

This classic kilim was hand-knotted in Turkey. I am a lover of the orange and purple color palette.


Tan-Tan Rug – $998

My sister just bought this Moroccan rug for the living space. It has so many colors it can be tricky to determine what sort of furniture to match it with. My suggestion would be to go with something black for a striking contrast.

ABC Carpet

Tabriz 4’8″ x 6’7″ – $5,999

I love the attention to detail present in Persian rugs. This one has so many incredible colors and patterns within it. It’s rugs such as this that truly stand out and warm up a modern inside.

ABC Carpet

Color Reform 6’1″x8’9″ – $3,799

Black and emerald green never looked as lovely as they do within this over-dyed Pakistani rug. In a space with black furnishings, this rug is going to be the star.

Doris Leslie Blau

Eastern European Flat Weave Carpet – $58,000

Can you believe that this is an early 20th century carpeting? This Eastern European rug has a graffiti-like texture for this. I love the abstract imagery and bright colors. It’s simply fantastic!


Moroccan Kilim

This Moroccan kilim in teal blue strikes my fancy. Made with a mix of cotton and silk, it would be lovely to stretch out as it is to look at.

Doris Leslie Blau

Samarkand Carpet – $28,000

This bright red rug is from East Turkestan. I love the floral theme.

ABC Carpet

Color Reform 7’9″x9’9″ – $4,499

This pink Color Reform rug from ABC Carpet & Home would look amazing in a small girl’s room. Do not you agree?

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How to Take Care of Your Countertops

It is almost here. The cooking day of champions, also called Thanksgiving. This feast involves a great deal of slicing and dicing and roasting — no matter what vegetable sides or pies are tradition to share around your family table. Here are the dos and performn’ts to get caring for your counters while they’re the hub of holiday cooking.


1. Granite is most certainly the most popular countertop option. Maintain your granite countertop looking good by wiping down with a damp cloth and a pH-neutral stone cleaner.

2. Prevent soap, abrasive cleansers, and citrus cleansers when cleaning granite countertops — those alkaline solutions can etch the stone.

3. Steel wool isn’t your counter’s buddy. It will scratch most counter tops.

4. Butcher blockcountertops are generally made of maple or walnut and come in wide plank or thin strips in terms of style. The wide plank design is more apt to warp.

5. Be sure to use only food-grade mineral oil to stop the wood from warping and drying out. Steer clear of olive or vegetable oils for your butcherblock countertop — those oils may turn rancid.

6. Reapply mineral oil whenever the wood appears dry. You will want to use a generous quantity of mineral oil — continue reapplying until you find the timber is no longer accepting any more oil.

Warmington & North

7. Cooking oil bottles may in fact leave ring marks on stone surfaces that could be hard to remove. Use coasters or a menu beneath bottles to stop marks.

8. Take care of the counter from vinegar, lemon, tomato, and other acidic foods, that will etch marble.

Walker Shop

Modern-Twist Studio Trivetz – $12

9. Every countertop — even rock — requires a trivet as protection from hot pots and pans. Burn marks are permanent, so it’s ideal to be safe than sorry.

10. Kitchen Cabinets often become germ-keepers. It is ideal to use dishrags instead. But if you are fond of your sponges, don’t use the identical sponge to wash dishes and your countertop.

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Maine Cottage on the Point

This cozy coastal cabin is tucked in the edge of a spruce woods, on a point overlooking mid-coast Maine islands and a hectic lobstering harbor. When the cabin was passed down to the next generation, the new owners, who had loved it for decades (one since she was a little woman ), were anxious to make a few alterations, but they didn’t need to eliminate the rustic charm of the original building. Working with builder John Levenseler, they achieved this aim, boosting the room to make it more family-friendly, maximizing views and bringing the cottage up to its potential.

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This is actually the front part of the house. The deck overlooks the lobstering harbor, and it is a favorite spot for family and friends to enjoy coffee in the morning and a glass of wine in the day. If you examine the far right, then a small bump-out was inserted so a back bedroom could enjoy a water view.

The house is covered in weathered shingles also contains an austere, rustic coastal appeal. This facade is considered the back of the house, where one passes from the grassy driveway. Since the house is at the end of a peninsula, there are ocean views from every side of the house.

The back door leads you directly to the kitchen, in which lots of the biggest changes were created. The area manages to maintain the original feel of the cabin, but has fresh beadboard cabinets, Corian countertops and appliances.

Upon entering, a painted country bench provides a spot to eliminate and store mucky shoes. The graph indicates the greater local area of Penobscot Bay, in which the household loves sea kayaking. A pantry is on the best and a hallway leading to the toilet and three cozy bedrooms is on the left.

This reconfigured kitchen space used to house a small old toilet and a hot water heater, both of which have been removed to open up the space. A window has been inserted so that the water view could be appreciated from the exterior walls. If you look carefully, you will notice a pull cable out of an overhead fixture using a wooden wick hanging out of it, a small detail that retains the soul of the original house undamaged.

A peek around the corner indicates the light coming in from the open dining/living space. I included this image because despite the renovation, they retained the oil lamp and the older pencil sharpener on the wall (are you old enough to recall when this pen sharpener placement was common?) Such small details keep memories alive.

A drop-leaf table could be dragged out when extra guests come to dinner. Most of the furniture is original to the home, with a few new additions. They are hard to see the manifestation, however, the frames include classic coastal maps; very suitable, as the husband is an oceanographer for USGS.

One new addition was a switch in the rectangular dining table into a round one, which lets dialog flow easily. The picture window has been enlarged to make the most of harbor view; seals in the harbor are a frequent sight in the dinner table.

This original market holds bedtime reading; household favorites, books by local writers and books about in regards to the area. Additionally, it holds meaningful objects gathered in Maine over many years; the carved seagull was whittled by a family friend many years ago; the sculpture of the seal is Andre the Seal, a famous seal that was able to swim out of Mystic Connecticut to summer in neighboring Rockport Harbor every year.

A couple of summers ago, the owners leant out the cottage to their son’s father-in-law, Vermont artist Eric Tobin. He had been so inspired by the environment that he completed 14 paintings the week he had been there, and he left this one behind as a thank-you gift.

The jar to the right holds seaglass collected through the years, the mussel shells and sea urchins were gathered out front on the rocks, and the lupine pitcher onto the best is by local artist Tony Oliveri.

The husband is a gifted magician who builds boats in his spare time, and he built this couch. The piece ties to the remainder of the home through the wood base and fabric options.

The painting on the wall was a new addition and a very special purchase. It is by local artist Eric Hopkins.

Here is a closer look at the painting.

A hallway wall retains a fun gallery of photos of the cabin that reveal how the house and the woods around it have evolved through the years.

This cozy front bedroom was a porch. A drop ceiling has been eliminated during the renovations to give let the small room feel larger.

The linen shams are Pom Pom At Home.

From bed, an individual can delight in watching the sunrise over the harbor out of windows that wrap around two sides of the room.

I took this picture about two days after Hurricane Irene delivered mucky salty squirt all around the windows; they’re usually clean and crystal clear!

Eric Tobin left another treat behind, this painted shingle, which depicts the cabin and its beautiful setting.

The area has an antique brass bed, a cozy quilt and household antiques that have always been in the cabin. The lamp is a traditional jug that has been wired to provide reading light.

Here is the opinion provided by the bump-out you saw from the first photo. The Lookout Lodge hint is original to the cabin.

The bathroom’s layout was kept clean and simple. Blue seaglass is always a favorite rare discovery along the shore, and the blue glass cupboard knobs recall these precious finds.

Finally, I had to throw in a picture of the garage, since it is one of my favorite vernacular buildings. One change the few made to the structure was replacing the dirt ground with a concrete one. I am sure the husband will probably be finishing many terrific jobs out here in his new workshop.

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Length Shade: Flowers to Home

The colours in this flower bouquet remind me of the transition from summer to fall. You know the seasons have begun to change when you are switching from sandals to boots, crave grilled cheese sandwiches over ice cream sandwiches, and sense a chill in the air. It is the time of year when you are still clinging to the glowing, vibrant tones of summer, but you are also ready to add hot, fall colors. Here, finds for the home that color match this fragrance and its glowing pinks and yellows and rusty oranges:

This picture of a wedding bouquet (courtesy of photographer Charlotte Jenks Lewis) has a gorgeous color palette that feels bright and hot together.

Shade matching tips:
Should you fall for the colours in a photograph, check out the Color Palette Generator to create easy-to-match color profiles. If you are out and about and spot something that’s the best shade of crimson, snap a photo with your phone and use the Benjamin Moore Paint Color Matching App to find out its paint color match.


Elephant flowers 8×10 print by ChipmunkCheeks on Etsy – $25

This whimsical art print includes an illustrated bouquet of flowers that matches with the poppy pinks, rusty oranges, and punches of rich reds and bright yellows of this inspiration fragrance.


Frasadas – $300

I really like how the glowing pinks and rusty oranges soda against the grays in this classic blanket.


Fog Linen Kitchen Cloth 3.0 – $16

Gingham prints feel really summery, but these kitchen linens come in a mulberry red color that feels like fall.

John Derian Company

Oval 14″ Platters – $395

Display this floral decoupaged platter by John Derian and you’ll add a punch of pink into your space.

Urban Outfitters

Round Velvet Pintuck Pillow – $50

As an accent color, yellow always stands out. This tufted,velvety cushion comes in a hot yellow that has hints of gold and orange.

The Container Store

The Container Store > Big Polka Dot Storage Bin – $14.99

Yellow polka dot canvas bins will not go unnoticed. These storage containers are preppy and functional — could function in almost any room.


Roseate Napkins (20) at SHOP Décor Autumn’s Table at BHLDN – $68

These party shouts catch the spirit of collapse. The colours feel as they’re edging into the fall season.

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