What You Should Know Before You Finish Your Basement

The basement might be one of those rooms in your house that has been neglected for a long time and is crammed full of stuff. However, if you treat this space just as well as you treat the other rooms above ground in your house, it could have so much potential. This might be one of those flooring Santa Ana that end up being your favorite space in the whole house.

Here are some tips on how you can transform this space:

The Floor Layout

Plan the living area well. Sitting areas should be in spots with lots of natural light. The bedroom should be located along the perimeter wall with a window to let in light and fresh air. Any TVs should be in a dark spot to minimize the glare from natural light.

What to Do Before Getting Started

Before getting started on your Santa Ana flooring, first assess if the room is in good condition.

– Tape a plastic sheet on the floor and leave for a few weeks. If moisture forms underneath the sheets, it means the foundation hasn’t been sealed. If it forms on the sheet, you need to dehumidify the room.

– Check if there’s any decay or damage by insects. Use an awl to probe the floors, window sills and header beams.

– Assess whether the floor beams are sagging. Climb up a ladder until you are able to see the underside of the beams to see if they all align well.

– An expert should assess any fuel-burning appliances you use to ensure there will be no carbon monoxide build up.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

– Whether the height of the room is at least 7 to 7 1/2 feet according to building codes

– Have a backup pump in case your first pump stops working and also a battery backup for the pump.

– Make sure water is not leaking into the room by installing a gutter that drips water at least ten feet away from the foundation. Ensure the ground slopes away from the foundations, and ensure water pipes are not leaking.

Fixing the Walls

Get rid of any mold on the walls, and make sure you have a professional finish. You can go for insulated stud walls, interlocking panels or a proprietary modular system. Don’t add in too many partition walls and if you add any partitions, make sure they have cutouts that allow light to pass through them into the inner rooms.

Other Ways to Give the Room a Facelift

There are some things that you can do during flooring Santa Ana CA so that the room doesn’t look so bland.

– Hang a classic ceiling

– Add lots of light fixtures spaced closely together so that the room isn’t dim

– Use prefab wells for your window wells instead of corrugated metal, topped with plastic covers or grates to prevent people from falling into it.

Have a place where you can have a mini-fridge stashed with food and drinks and a microwave. Also, leave enough space for any games that you might want to play in there. Use wall to wall carpeting and also soundproof the room to keep all the noise down there.

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