Thought of the Week: Grown Up Alphabet Attractions

In regards to DIY jobs, this beginner crafter’s mantra is “the simpler, the better.” On the flip side, in regards to word games, I say bring on the large guns. That is why I was delighted with this particular simple notion within the Houzz Tour of blogger Atypical Typea; it combines my love of Scrabble and simple-to do crafts.

Atypical Typea

In the group of “so simple it is brilliance,” this task needs little more than some outdated Scrabble tiles (Atypical located hers on Etsy), paste and magnets. Right away, you will have your personal wordy magnets.

Atypical Kind A

Get the complete step by step directions around to the Atypical Type-A website, and keep your eye out for these triple term scores

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