Guest Picks: Affordable Art for the House

When I first found Etsy, I believed I had struck the art jackpot. I had been searching for something similar to it for so long and did not even know it — such a myriad of stunning and affordable art. This is just a sampling of some of my most favorites (many from Etsy, some from everywhere ). Any one of these would include such warmth and personality to a house. I hope you enjoy and find a new favourite for yourself! — Melissa from Melissa Loves


“As soon as the Sea Turned to Purple…” by Amanda Blake – $45

Artist Amanda Blake has such a magic view of the world. The men and women in her work appear from a different time, but the environments they live in are fresh, magical and almost always populated with stars.


“You Could Be Amazed At What You Grow to Love” by Amy Rice – $60

Amy Rice is a wonderful artist. In Amy’s words; she likes to paint with”spray paint, acrylics, gouache, and inks, and print on antique papers (preferring handwritten love letters, envelopes, magazine pages, sheet music and maps).” I’d really like to own one of her originals someday, but thank goodness she makes prints too.


“Drift Butterfly” by Hadley Hutton – $28

Hadley Hutton is among my all time favorites. She uses beautiful colors, soft lines and always brings stunning nature into her work.


“Wilderness” Print by Sweet William – $20

Sweet William is a collaboration between two sisters: Shelley Gardner, who lives in Wellington, New Zealand, and Paula Mills who is located in Melbourne, Australia. Sweet William’s work is lovely and soft. Stunning use of color and often a very sweet message.


“Mae” Portrait Print by Holli – $10

Lovely Paola Zakimi, the gift behind Holli, has such a sweet soul and it shows in all of her delicate and gorgeous work. Sweet faced and lovely girls replicate her work. Peaceful and tranquil.


“Blue” by Geninne – $30

Artist Geninne D. Zlatkis is a multi-talent through her artwork, her house and the manner she continually integrates character into all of her endeavors. She prefers critters, and this one with its dark environment is indeed beautiful to me.


“Vintage Flowers” Print by Britt Hermann – $18

Britt Hermann has a way with black, no? This print is among my all-time favorites and if you check out her store you will understand this is actually the first of several beautiful dark beauties.


“Heaven’s Blue Through Me” by Dan-ah Kim – $90

Dan-ah Kim is an wonderful artist that produces beautiful fantasy worlds. She often incorporates stars too. I am definitely a fan.


“Milkweed Pod” Print by Amber Alexander – $20

Amber Alexander does beautiful watercolors of soft and sweet creatures and lovely pieces of character. This really is my favorite for its soft colors and simplicity.

Melissa de la Fuente

“Nov 02,2009” by Sarolta Ban – $100

Sarolta Ban is an amazingly creative and inventive artist. Her work integrates digital photo manipulation and every one tells an wonderful story.


“Hide” by Maria Elina – $25

Maria Elina Méndez is a new favorite of mine. I really like her line work, her usage of gray and touches of soft color.


“Botanical No. 5551” Print by Kari Herer – $100

Kari Herer’s photographic still-lifes are so beautiful and have such a stunning depth to them.


“Take Me Out Tonight” Print by Danna Ray – $45

Groundwork is the art store of Danna Ray. Her work is really beautiful and so quiet. One of her pieces was among the very first purchases I made out of Etsy, and remains among my favorites.


“On the Back of a Tiger” by Elly MacKay – $20

The store Theater Clouds is a new favorite of mine. Elly MacKay”s process is really cool and I’d really like to own many of her pieces. Here is a snippet from her store describing her process:”I make these images by inking yupo paper and cutting it into layers that I put up in a tiny theater. I play with the lights and filters to create atmosphere and then picture the scenes”


“The Night Owl” Print by Janet Hill – $38

Janet Hill’s work is soft and beautiful. She specializes in acrylic, but lucky for us she has cheap print variations inside her Etsy store.

Paul Ferney Fine Art

Cake Spread by Paul Ferney – $39

Paul Ferney’s cake bits are merely happy-inducing. I fell in love with the oil bits and was so happy to see he began offering prints for a less expensive alternative. So we can all have our cake and eat it too!


“That really is a Holy Cow” by Eskayel – $60

Shanan Campanaro is a new favorite of mine too. She’s such a delicate hand and stunning use of pen and ink. There is such nobility and elegance from the critters she pulls and her routine work is unbelievable. This beautiful”holy cow” would add a lot to any dwelling.


Girl With the Golden Swan Motorcycle by Sophie Blackall – $40

Sophie Blackall’s work is captivating. When I was first introduced to her, it was through her”Missed Connections” series and I was instantly smitten. The series features pieces inspired by the column of the exact same name on Craigslist.

“Whole” by Mai Autumn – $18

Christine Lindstrom’s”Whole” was at the tippy-top of my wishlist for quite some time now. The colors are so beautiful to me. She has a way with blues, greens and acrylic.

“Black Bear Forest” by Jill Bliss – $22

Jill Bliss’s focus on detail, soft lines and colors are so beautiful to me. I wonder how long each piece takes her as there are a lot of tiny details. Lucky for us her work is available in many forms, making it affordable and accessible.

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