How to Begin a Cool-Season Vegetable Garden

In late summer, you may believe your vegetable garden is on its way outside. But if you live in a mild-winter climate, then the cool-season garden may actually span the second half of the gardening season, producing fresh veggies even in winter.

A cool-season vegetable garden is full of plants that prefer the warmer temperatures and soils of both autumn and spring. Some even do their best with a bit of frost. For many individuals, cool-season veggies would be those you plant since summer winds down or early in the season, when you simply can’t wait to return to the backyard.

Wondering what vegetables you can plant in late summer and late winter for harvests in spring and autumn? There are far more options than you may think.

The Brickman Group, Ltd..

Popular crops to plant in late summer and late winter: beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, chard, kale, lettuces, leeks, peas, radishes and lettuce.

For the connoisseur: arugula, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, celery, Chinese cabbage, collards, endive, fennel, onions, garlic, parsnips, salad greens and turnips.

Surprising cool-season crops: including cherry, potatoes and rhubarb. Yes, they are often thought of and grown in the summer, however they prefer the warmer temperatures of spring and autumn.

See how to increase each cool-season harvest

Natalie DeNormandie

Check for frost dates. While cool-season crops can even handle a few frost, you’ll need to focus on air and soil temperatures to get the most out of your backyard. This implies planting early enough in autumn to permit crops to reach maturity until hard frosts hit or daytime temperature drops too low (typically below about 55° Fahrenheit). In spring, you’ll need to take the reverse strategy, waiting to plant until the air and soil temperatures are warm enough for the plants to flourish.

Consider a cold stage. Cold frames and cloches allow you to set out vegetable seedlings earlier in the season and keep crops producing later in this season. They are available commercially, but it is also possible to make your own. Hinge the top of a cold frame to permit ventilation. If you wish to plant directly in the backyard, simply set the cold frame in place and remove the lid once the air temps warms up, replacing it as things cool down.

See how to extend your growing season with a cold frame

Carolina Katz + Paula Nuñez

Go green. Lettuces and other greens will go to seed and become bitter in summer, but plant them during the spring and early autumn and you can enjoy fresh-from-the-garden goodness for sandwiches and salads for weeks.

How to grow lettuce

Robin Amorello, CKD CAPS – Atmoscaper Design

Go for the cold. Some cool-season veggies can even cross the line and endure since cold-season vegetables. Kale specifically can endure until the temperature reaches the freezing point and may even survive through snow.

Robin Amorello, CKD CAPS – Atmoscaper Design

Move underground. Start rapidly maturing root crops, like carrots and beets, early in the season of course, but also plant them in the end of summer to keep them moving well into the autumn. Both may be overwhelmingly effective if you’ve got one big harvest, so only plan to keep sowing small rows or stains successively. This way you’ll always have something ready to go but will not be staring in a sea of greenery and wondering if Peter Rabbit is available for a few selective garden pruning.

Jocelyn H. Chilvers

Go for the crunch. There’s a motive broccoli is a autumn and winter favorite from the shops; it may manage the warmer temperatures. Any member of the cabbage family is a fantastic selection for the backyard when temperatures drop.

Robin Amorello, CKD CAPS – Atmoscaper Design

Move up. Tender peas have long been regarded as a harbinger of spring. Start them you may use the same supports afterwards in the summer to support beans, then get one final harvest of legumes in during the autumn.

How to start your garden from seeds

Samuel H. Williamson Associates

Give back to your garden. Fill in the empty spots in your landscape with a cover crop. Though you may end up with more fava beans than you understand what to do together, that is the idea. These crops are not grown for food; rather they are tilled or dug into the soil since alterations. There are a number of alternatives available. Legumes, as fava beans and clovers, help add nitrogen to the soil; grasses add organic matter. In this photo, clover is used to pay a hillside, but it would do the job just as well at a vegetable garden.

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Country-Chic Dutch Family Home

Everything about this 1970s house was brown at first. “The flooring, the walls, the ceiling. That which was brown,” Manon van Niel says. When she and her husband, Ruud, purchased a tomato farm at Westland, the Netherlands, they were not sure they wanted to dwell in the outdated house that came as part of their property. But through a home improvement, Manon, a professional organizer, transformed the house to a light-filled, modern space her household is now pleased to call home.

in a Glance
Who lives here: Manon and Ruud van Niel and their two daughters, Quinty and Sterre
Location: Westland, the Netherlands
Size: 220 square meters (2,368 square feet); 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, studio space

Holly Marder

Space has been the priority in this renovation, so the family bumped out the dining area for additional light and space in the living area.

“In the six years we have dwelt here, my personality has changed a whole lot,” Manon says. Her country-chic style combines design aesthetics from classical to modern. To help organize her recently expanded space, Manon layered in large announcement bits against a neutral color palette.

Sofas: Kivik, Ikea

Holly Marder

A warm shade of gray, white highlights and pale walnut flooring provide a warm welcome.

Holly Marder

A set of Moroccan lanterns contrasts with a large country-style cabinet the couple purchased when they were newlyweds. Through the years, Manon gave the storage device a pretty and practical update by painting the pinewood a fresh white and incorporating shelves.

Holly Marder

The living room furniture is arranged for comfy television viewing around a potbelly stove. A true longhorn cow skull in Fort Worth, Texas, hangs above the stove. The product was brought back from among several trips the Dutch household takes to the United States.

Holly Marder

Manon picked a dramatic black because the accent color in the dining area. New, large windows open up the room, and floor-to-ceiling curtains make the ceiling look higher.

Holly Marder

“Every two years that I paint the walls, as my design keeps shifting,” Manon says. It is difficult to imagine the house with its original brown carpeting, ceilings and walls. This view from the dining room addition demonstrates where a wall separating the kitchen in the living room was knocked out.

Holly Marder

Shadows from pendant lights that Manon made from inexpensive baskets add texture to the compact kitchen.

Holly Marder

The couple’s 8-year-old daughter, Sterre, enjoys her womanly bedroom of light pink, floral lace and prints accents. Dutch firm Wood Fever constructed this custom made bed for Sterre, with built in storage drawers beneath the mattress and wardrobes on both ends. Manon painted the wood paneling white.

Bedding: Pip; Calamine, Farrow & Ball

Holly Marder

The couple’s 13-year-old daughter, Quinty, has an equally feminine bedroom that reflects her love of blue. Quinty battled cancer at a really young age, and after she completed her treatments, Manon gave her room a new look for a sign of a new start.

The vintage chandelier has been a thrift store purchase, which Manon upgraded with paint and tiny fabric-covered lampshades.

Bed: Leirvik, Ikea

Holly Marder

The family’s home office has enough room for the women to do their assignments and also for Manon and Ruud to utilize it as a workspace.

Holly Marder

The high-contrast master bedroom comprises 2 stunning photos from Cambodia taken by Manon’s cousin, a travel guide and photographer. When the couple hosted a going-away party for her, then she thanked them by allowing them to choose two of her photos to have printed on canvas.

Paint color: Oval Room Blue, Farrow & Ball; pendants: Candledrops, Zuiver

Holly Marder

An accent wall of black patterned wallpaper adds contrast and texture, and helps the wall-mounted TV to blend in the background.

Manon loathed the white antique dresser she inherited from her grandmother. A spacious walk-in cupboard is located behind the white portrait doors.

Holly Marder

To make more room in the master bathroom, the couple opened the original slanted ceiling and added a dividing wall in the center of the room, with the shower on one side and the bathroom on the other.

Straightforward Ikea cabinets function as his-and-her sink vanities, even though the few intends to replace them shortly.

Holly Marder

Holly Marder

Westland is popularly referred to as the produce and flower region of South Holland. Large potted plants line the greenhouse, in which the household grows berries. A huge studio area sits off the courtyard, between the house and the greenhouse.

Holly Marder

Manon exercises her creative power in this black and white studio, complete with a kitchenette. Here she creates things for your house, such as cushions, clothing, accessories and gifts for your girls’ rooms.

As a professional organizer with her own business, Organize Your residence, Manon also holds here.

Holly Marder

On the exterior, immaculate garden beds of lavender and mondo grass pair with tidy paving. In this image, you can see the dining room extension.

Holly Marder

The household has a swimming pool at the front yard, a rarity in the Netherlands.

Holly Marder

Here is Manon, at home in her living area. The house has come a long way since she first stepped on the property six decades ago, but now, she says,”I love it here!”

View more photographs of this van Niel home

Perhaps you have recently renovated your property? We would love to see it.

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Plaster Tops Popularity List for Pool Finishes

Pool owners today have many options for their pool endings. Plaster is the most typical, and it’s still one of the least costly endings for an inground pool. Plaster is typically applied over a guinite (concrete) pool casing and may be dyed to match unique styles, surrounding landscapes and materials.

Prices for plaster varies by area, so make sure you find several estimates, check references and be careful of taking the lowest bid. There are a few shortcuts that may result in a lower price but will affect the quality and longevity of the finished product.

Land & Water Design

White pool plaster is an easy mix of white cement, white marble, aggregate and water. It’s an economical option that has a timeless swimming pool look.

This really is the most common plaster in use today, and previously it had been the only option. Most commercial swimming pools still are required by federal building codes to have white plaster only.

Experts: It is by far the most inexpensive of pool surface options and is simple to install.

Cons: White plaster is a “soft” finish that is prone to the effects of water chemistry, compared to the newer options such as aggregates and glass tiles.

Ridge Pools

White pool plaster should last from five to seven decades prior to any sort of erosion is evident. Maintaining proper water chemistry is very important to prolong the life span of the kind of application.


Colored plaster is white plaster using dye added to the mixture. The finish has been awarded an aqua blue tint. Complex chemical additives are introduced to relieve the mottling, etching and cracking that may occur during application.

Experts: A fantastic number of colours can be found, and coloured plaster remains an inexpensive option.

Cons: The colour may naturally fade over time.

Ridge Pools

Black dye added to the plaster gives this pool a stunning finishing touch, and the dark color can help heat your pool in summer.

If you’re planning to get multicolored lighting in your swimming pool, this may not be the best choice, as the lighting colours will not show up against plaster. A dark colour makes it hard to find the bottom of the pool, which is a security concern when there are little children near.

Lang Pools Inc..

The dye added to the plaster for this specific pool is known as French Grey.

Colored plaster could be stained by tree and leaves debris, or high levels of compounds in your fill water. Proper water chemistry is the key to extending the life span of your plaster pool finish. Maintaining a fresh pool to reduce debris from sitting on the floor of your swimming pool will help, too.

Samarotto Design Group

A medium-gray plaster application inside this pool brings a serene mood to the outdoor living room and complements the stone terrace.

Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group

This pool includes a dark-gray plaster application, which blends well with the natural grasses and timber decking.

Platinum Poolcare

Crushed quartz salts may be inserted to intensify the sheen and extend the life span of this plaster. This pool Indicates the Diamond Brite Cool Blue colour from Southern Grouts and Mortars.

Experts: A quartz additive can prolong the life span of plaster to 15 to 20 decades. Additionally, it gives the pool owner a variety of colours to choose from, is durable and offers a choice of smooth or slip-resistant finishes.

Cons: The quartz additive costs more, and also a slip-resistant finish could be rough on the toes.

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Carriage Doors

Carriage doors swing out of the center with the assistance of side hinges. Traditionally they were opened manually allowing horse-drawn carriages to pass in and out. They are sometimes located on carriage houses, barns, garages, stables and firehouses.

Advantage Contracting

Carriage doors were initially popular on barns, designed to make it much easier for horses can pull farm equipment out.

Sandra Howie

Carriage doors that are Rebuilt replace the originals on this particular garage constructed in the 1920s.

Whitten Architects

A wood store may use the wide-opening carriage doors to make timber and allow out sawdust.

Witt Construction

This lovely home is constructed in the style of a carriage house, which traditionally had carriages rooms and below for the caretakers and team over.

Witt Construction

Unlike a usual garage door, a carriage door may look very completed on the inside.

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc..

Contemporary carriage doors frequently have segmented panels that allow the door to lift overhead and up on paths, while keeping the overall look of a true door.

Browse more carriage door photos

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Modern Netherlands Stream-Side Home

When Jacob and Liesbeth van Balen moved into their new house, they desired to leave behind their traditional style and adopt an updated, modern aesthetic. The couple hired Netherlands interior design company Nu interieur | ontwerp to make a light and spacious family home which would unite conventional design styles with a clean, modern appearance. “The house was built to support our way of life,” Jacob says. “It’s a comfortable and warm family home, with sufficient distance and the play of light through the windows”

in a Glance
Who resides: Jacob and Liesbeth van Balen, with their two brothers
Location: Maasland, the Netherlands
Size: 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom

Holly Marder

The clean-lined walnut dining table was one of the few items that the couple wished to bring with them from their previous home. Coupled with black leather armchairs and a sculptural lighting fixture, it creates a comfortable location for parties and family dishes in the kitchen.

The kitchen was one of the most important rooms, since the van Balens prefer to entertain and spend a lot of time here together as a family. Stainless steel built in Miele appliances, such as a built in coffee maker, keep the space feeling comfy, spacious and functional.

Holly Marder

The open layout provides a place to float right from the kitchen and a little area for watching TV. Double doors lead out to a patio.

To the right, a wall of built-in closets disguises an extremely spacious hidden closets and storage area.

Holly Marder

A wraparound countertop offers ample prep space in the kitchen and also a location for the couple to leave their keys when entering the house. A built-in book. A five-burner gas stove offers extra cooking space to their regular dinner parties.

Holly Marder

Granite countertops, crisp white cabinets and sleek handles make for a decidedly modern kitchen. Low cabinets make sure that the room keeps a bright and airy texture.

Holly Marder

The van Balen family enjoys gathering to unwind on this oversize charcoal grey sectional from Cartel Living.

Interior designers Tessa Weerdenburg and Nathalie Fransen brought in fundamental furnishings so the couple’s own traditional pieces would tie in without the more recent pieces stealing the show. “We were going to get a peaceful, relaxing feel in this room,” Weerdenburg states.

Sofa, armchairs: Cartel Living; curtains, rug: custom made by Interieur Decor Delft

Holly Marder

The huge sofa is a superb location for unwinding before the television, which can be displayed atop a narrow white TV cupboard.

The designers delivered the coffee table into the company who made the floors to provide it the exact same pale end as the smoked oak floorboards. The outcome is a look.

Holly Marder

This sideboard was one of the very few items the van Balens wished to bring along with them from their previous home, so it functioned as a staple piece in producing the property’s theme. “The warm color of the sideboard, with a touch of red in it, was the beginning point for the remainder of the house in terms of the furnishings,” Weerdenburg states. “To make it even more modern, we combined it with browns, tons of white and gray.”

In regards to designing the home’s layout, one of the highest items on the couple’s wish list was supposed to separate the kitchen from the living room. Double glass doors today lead from the living room into the kitchen.

Holly Marder

Along with a glass panel beside a pale oak staircase adds visual interest to a region that is often overlooked.

The lamp over the stairs is by Scandinavian company Secto Design.

Holly Marder

The pale oak tones across the remainder of the house are carried through the toilet, in which this family of four stocks a modern double vanity with several deep drawers for keeping bathroom solutions.

Holly Marder

The master bedroom is a calming area for Jacob and Liesbeth to unwind together as a couple. Pale tones of white and beige, and a mix of modern and classic furniture, make for a relaxing getaway.

Since the couple’s previous home was conventional in style, the designers were originally surprised that the couple loved their decidedly more minimalist concept. “They took a danger in embracing a whole new style for themselves, but they’re now very pleased with the new look,” Weerdenburg states.

Chair: York, Cartel Living

Holly Marder

Writing a letter, sitting down in the notebook or getting prepared for the day can all be achieved at this smart, minimalist wall unit by Keijser & Co.. Round the corner is a spacious walk-in cupboard.

Wall unit, chair, chest of drawers: Keijser & Co..

Holly Marder

This comfy nook makes the perfect escape for studying a book or just taking a rest from a hectic day. The modern chaise lounge is by Keijser & Co.. Several windows clean the room with light during the day, and in the warmer months, the couple enjoy the use of a little balcony away to the right, along with gorgeous views of the forest outside of their backyard.

Holly Marder

The bed and side tables are by Keijser & Co.. With simple white bed linens and minimal accessories, the look is clean, fresh and modern.

Holly Marder

A sleek sideboard makes for a simple and refined TV stand.

Sideboard, bed: Keijser & Co; bed linens: Ikea

Holly Marder

The redbrick exterior has a traditional gable roof, along with the patio keeps a lovely connection between the indoors and outdoors. During the summer months, many a summer evening can be spent at the backyard, on the neatly dressed terrace.

Holly Marder

The rear patio is as pretty as it is sensible for entertaining, with big stone pavers, immaculately groomed garden beds and lots of seating. A stream runs along the rear of the house, and a forest beyond that. “We love the freedom of living in this neighborhood. To have a little forest in our backyard in a very crowded and populated area is quite special,” Jacob says.

Holly Marder

The lady of the house, Liesbeth van Balen, enjoys the view on the garden from her living room.

c: Do you have a creative, modern home? Share it with us!

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Attic Bedrooms Shine and Rise

It often has a low, strangely shaped ceiling and all sorts of weird angles, however if you are lucky enough to have a loft, you could be taking a look at the very best spot to add a bedroom.

Attics are comfy and airy all at once. Warm (with all that heat climbing) and private (you receive the entire floor). Plus, there is something interesting about escaping the monotony of this perfectly square area. Nooks and crannies can inspire a few of the most creative design ideas.

Skylights often get involved, as do white walls and flooring. Built-ins assist with space constraints, as do funny little closets and bathrooms that make use of seemingly impossible angles.

There is something undeniably romantic about a loft bedroom. Regardless of what the design, it’s an away-from-it-all feeling.

Borges Brooks Builders

Even with a very low ceiling, a loft room can feel open and airy. White paint helps a good deal. So do built-in cabinets and drawers for hiding clutter.

Heather ODonovan Interior Design

This feminine beauty uses the odd angles to their very best advantage — that the headboard is hung to highlight the height of the ceiling, while the space is retained comfy with low furniture, floor cushions and wallpaper that extends to every wall.

White and bright. The skylight provides the sunlight, but the paint color provides the expansive feeling. A white floor is an easy way to lighten a room whilst taking advantage of the gorgeous texture of the first old wood.

LASC Studio

This saunalike wood paneling retains the attic-y feeling when developing a new space. Simply add furniture.

Eran Turgeman – Photographer

White, white and more white and then one major splash of colour. So simple and so elegant. You might have a great deal of great dreams in this area.

Stanislav Ermolenko

1 accent wall of flat wood paneling accentuates the architecture inside this weirdly shaped space but also keeps things simple and spare. Hey, if you have it, flaunt it.

Take advantage of those odd pipes and chimneys that may want to pass through by integrating them in the design. Painting this sewer pipe lemon yellow makes it a fun part of the bright, playful kids’ room.

Sullivan Building & Design Group

If you’re lying, you don’t want high ceilings.

Thom Filicia Inc..

Emphasize the architecture with contrasting beams. This entire space has a somewhat tropical, eclectic vibe that’s working for me.

Utilize a strange small space for a cozy dining room.

Soorikian Architecture

Sometimes sloping walls conceal tiny spaces with low ceilings, perfect for a built-in kid’s bed.

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

This tiny WC beneath the staircase is a stroke of genius.

An integrated bench with double-duty drawers beneath feels comfy and increases usable space.


Skylights and built-ins — two of the greatest things you can place in your attic area.

In this loft, half of the roof turned into a skylight, which makes the space feel large and loftlike regardless of the low ceilings.

Create more living room in the basement or attic

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Rooms Delight at 2012 Kips Bay Decorator Show House

From the tranquil oasis of a blue, white and green living room into a “Black, White, and Red All Over” bedroom to a sofa with an indoor swing, Apartment 2102 in the Kips Bay Decorator Show House (one of 2 flats in the showcase) was full of surprises. Come on along as we begin our excursion in the warm and welcoming foyer.

See Apartment 2101

Rikki Snyder

Timothy Miller termed his design for the foyer of Apartment 2102 “Making an Entrance,” for obvious reasons, but also as this is his first time working with all the display home. He extended the foyer up the stairs to give people a feeling of flow and connection to the rest of the living spaces.

Rikki Snyder

To the right of the entrance, the Hudson River is visible via a wall of windows, also it had a direct influence on Susan Zises Green’s design for the living room. “The outside and the water motivated all of the color options,” she states. “And the light is intoxicating.”

Rikki Snyder

The living room flows into the dining room, which Patrik Lönn envisioned as a room for supper. He was motivated by the furniture designer Carl Malmsten.

The table is set with things from Hermès.

Rikki Snyder

James Rixner designed an open living room and kitchen area. He notes that the inspiration for his design began with the Nocturne area rug from Orley Shabahang. Greens — in the grass cloth and also the metallic-glazed linen draperies from Osborne and Little — are a soothing contrast with the white leather upholstery.

Rikki Snyder

The kitchen is totally open to the family room and includes a similar colour palette. The white counters connect to the adjoining room’s white leather upholstery.

Rikki Snyder

A door from the kitchen leads out to a 3,000-square-foot terrace, designed by Gunn Landscape Architecture and Vert Gardens, that has views looking south and west. “I really like the simplicity of this aesthetic of a boccie court, and in addition, it functions as a social and fun gathering spot,” says Alec Gunn.

Rikki Snyder

This writing room “is a painted fantasy,” states Chuck Fischer, who is an artist and muralist. It was motivated by the chinoiserie paintings of 19th-century artist and designer Jean-Baptiste Pillement. The 1950s lamp is out of Alan Moss.

Rikki Snyder

The window is framed by a trompe l’oeil valance that encircles a Hunter Douglas colour.

Rikki Snyder

The “Black, White, and Red All Over” bedroom, by Charles Pavarini, features butterflies that “signify the kids of the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club and their development as fully developed individuals flying out to the world.”

Bed: habit, Pavarini; bedside table lamps: Modulightor; mattress linens: habit, Casa del Bianco; mirror: Mirrors by Jordan

Rikki Snyder

A corner of Pavarini’s bedroom features a classic Valentine Sofa from actor-turned-interior-designer William Haines that is available through Profiles. The ebonized walnut dresser is from Craig Van Den Brulle.

Rikki Snyder

A eclectic wall composed of organic LEDs — it senses your body as you approach it is in the entry to Pavarini’s bedroom. “Lighting in the next decade is going to take a great twist,” he states. “There’ll likely be fabrics and wall coverings that are going to be lit. You will not be turning to a lamp; you will be turning to a lampshade.”

Rikki Snyder

A indoor swing having a view of the Hudson River is not something you see daily. Shawn Henderson definitely had some fun putting together this lounge.

The chaise is Henderson’s design.

Rikki Snyder

This “Extra Sensory Child’s Room” from Laura Bohn includes a space-saving unit out of Resource Furniture that converts from a desk into a twin mattress — ideal for a city apartment. The walls have been painted Bohn’s signature high-gloss chartreuse from Benjamin Moore.

Round shag rug: Edward Fields

Rikki Snyder

Upstairs the master bedroom has been designed by Etienne Coffinier and Ed Ku of Coffinier Ku Design. They have been motivated by a new collection of fabrics such as Missoni Home in Stark. The bed includes a headboard trimmed with white leather and a velvet Missoni Home chevron in the middle.

Over the mattress, Coffinier and Ku designed a piece of art “based on Japanese clouds, to give a feeling of peace as you get in bed,” Ku says.

Lamps: glass cylinders, Blanche Field

Rikki Snyder

This corner of the master bedroom includes armchairs designed by Coffinier and Ku that are upholstered in a striped Missoni fabric “that has a waterfall effect with the chair cushion,” notes the organization’s description. They also designed the high-gloss walnut and orange lacquer audio-visual cabinet.

“We played character,” Ku says. In addition to the clouds over the bed, there’s a sheep in the style of artist Francois Xavier Lalanne out of Demisch Danant and forged wooden mushrooms from Lars Bolander.

Rikki Snyder

Designer Alexander Doherty’s belief that real people live in real chambers was the jumping-off stage for his “Collector’s Bedroom.” He made the room for someone he’s known for years who is a collector of art by both English and American painters in the 1950s and ’60s.

Daybed: fabricated and upholstered by Zelaya Interiors; daybed cushions and linen/silk fabric: p Le Cuona; art: all from private collections

Rikki Snyder

“The Cabana,” by Scott Sanders, provides a refreshingly bright burst of colour. His choice of the grass-cloth covering on the walls is all about bringing the outside in. It’s Named Split Pea, and it’s by Philip Jeffries.

More eye-popping layouts in the event:
Two Apartments Enthrall in 2012 Kips Bay Show House

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American Architecture: Cape Cod Style's Components

What it is: This hot cabin style traces its origins to colonial New England and is characterized by its low, wide profile, normally a story and a half tall, with a steeply pitched roof with end gables.

The earliest forms had little exterior ornamentation and so were adaptions of the English hall and parlor home to match the stormy weather of the New England shore. The style saw a resurgence during the colonial revival period during the first half of the 20th century, together with the addition of a couple of Georgian-inspired embellishments.

Popularity of the easy, cabin look has waxed and waned through time. During times of economic wealth it’s been seen as a “poor man’s style,” but it has undergone resurgences during times of economic recession, due to its practicality.

Where to find it: The earliest examples are primarily along the New England coast (especially Cape Cod, for which the style is termed). Revival examples are around the Eastern seaboard, nevertheless, and can even be located in the Midwest and on the West Coast.

Why you’ll enjoy it: This really is the quintessential American cabin style. The floor plans are generally cozy and efficient, and also the simple, symmetrical exteriors are ripe for curb appeal embellishments such as shutters, window boxes and pedestrian paths. Nothing says “home sweet home” very like Cape Cod cottages.

Joseph B Lanza Layout + Construction

Why Is It Cape Cod

Element: Cedar shake shingles to the roof and siding.
These unpainted shingles turn from a warm tan to a gray color over time. Clapboard siding is also common on Cape Cod cottages.

The best way to make it your own: Cedar shake shingles require significantly less upkeep than painted siding, which makes them an ideal option in harsh climates, such as that of the New England shore.

Savoie Nolan Architects

Element: A steeply pitched roof with side gables. This is only one of the most consistent characteristics of the style.

The best way to make it your own: Originally designed to prevent the buildup of ice and snow, those steeply pitched roofs are extremely practical in cold climates, regardless of the style of residence.

Daggett Builders, Inc..

Element: Double dormers. They punctuate the steep rooflines of many Cape Cod homes. The most common sort of dormer used is a gabled one, which features a simple pitched roof with two sloping sides.

The best way to make it your: Along with boosting curb appeal, dormers make additional floor space in the area tucked under the roofs, helping convert once fresh attics into livable area.

Mahoney Architects & Interiors

Element: A symmetrical front facade. Traditionally Cape Cod homes have a symmetrical appearance and layout inside with a centre hall and equal space on either side. Colonial Cape Cods featured a central chimney linked to a fireplace in every room; 20th century versions like the one shown moved the chimney to a single end of the house.

The best way to make it your own: Pairs of planters and sconces on either side of entries can make the appearance of symmetry even when the basic layout is asymmetrical.

Element: Pilasters. They surround the front door and are the cosmetic highlight of easy Cape Cod cottages. This white-painted pilaster and lintel mix is the most common.

The best way to make it your own: Painting heavy trim surrounding entries white is one way to get a similar effect without phoning at a carpenter. Another simple approach to underline the entry is to paint the door itself a bright color.

Structures, Inc..

Element: Sidelights. Flanking front door they dress up the entry marginally more compared to pilaster-lintel combo. Sidelights can be found on either side of doors that were French or paneled.

The best way to make it your own: To the same effect without reconfiguring your entry area, try swapping out a good door for you with windows.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Element: Shutters and window boxes. The general simplicity of these structures makes them ripe for exterior enhancements like operable shutters and window boxes.

The best way to make it your own: Shutters and window boxes cheer up the facade of almost any home, regardless of its style. Both are simple improvements to suppress appeal.

Element: A broad front porch. Colonial versions of the style did not have front porches, due to climate and construction issues, but they are frequent in revival incarnations of their look.

The best way to make it your own: Porches are a fantastic way to assist smaller homes live larger by stretching the living space outdoors.

Savoie Nolan Architects

Element: Rear and side additions. When adding on to a Cape Cod house, architects and builders have a tendency to try and keep the small facade of the first structure and make more drastic changes or enlargements to the back or sides.

The best way to make it your own: Maintaining the integrity of initial architecture is a good practice, regardless of the style.

What do you think of Cape Cod houses? Are you ready to import the New England style to your hometown, or can it be better left for history books?

A Coastal Cottage on Cape Cod

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8 Vanity Flair Fashions for a Chic Bathroom

A bathroom vanity, if in a powder room or master bathroom, provides a special opportunity to demonstrate a little character. If I had been to equate a vanity to a style element, it’d definitely be the shoe. Like a shoe, a vanity functions a fundamental function at the same time as it creates a statement.

You can enhance the attractiveness of a bathroom vanity with everything you encircle it with, for example wallpaper, plumbing or hardware. Particular pairings are able to effect a vanity feel contemporary, exotic or whimsical. Try on these styles for dimensions — and think about taking several steps toward a daring vanity statement in your property.

Lizette Marie Interior Design

A basic white vanity contrasts a daring accent wall of blue mosaic tile. A vanity with drawers supplies storage for toiletries and linens.

Hostetler Custom Cabinetry

This open vanity includes a shelf for a basket to store towels in, and the shape of its backsplash provides it vintage appeal. A stand-alone cabinet separates the toilet from the vanity and permits for additional storage.

K2 Design Group, Inc..

This sleek, contemporary bathroom features a floating (wall-mounted) vanity paired with a round electrical mirror that offers two-directional light. Ideally toilet lighting must come from above and in front, at eye level.

Like a fundamental black flat shoe, this vanity is custom sized and fits perfectly. It’s a dresser-inspired design to hold all toilet essentials. Glam sconces and round hardware pulls dress up the bathroom’s basic black particulars.

Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home

This powder room comprises an actual dresser that’s been plumbed with a boat sink. A wall-mounted faucet is a great method to spare surface area on a vanity with a shallow depth.

Tucker & Marks

This powder room vanity is bathed in luscious layers of texture. A powder room is a great place for showing off a superb vessel sink with a vanity. Vessel sinks look terrific but are best for powder rooms.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Fantastic hardware enhances the sleek transitional design of the vanity. A double-thick counter detail adds to the contemporary vibe.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

This double-wide vanity actually resembles a piece of furniture. The additional surface area with just one sink is a luxury.

A typical counter height for a vanity is 34 to 36 inches, depending on the user. Take a 3- to 4-inch splash at the rear of a vanity for simple maintenance.

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