Your D├ęcor: Put a Monogram

A number of you may be too young to remember Laverne and Shirley, but I always had a fascination with the way Laverne needed a cursive”L” on everything she wore. It started a love of monograms for me personally; they started Bermuda bag covers and still make their way on my favorite L.L. Bean ship tote bags.

There is something very royal about monogramming items around the home. Here are a few fantastic opportunities to place your stamp in each room of the home.

Emily Johnston Larkin

1. On the back of a dining chair. When I spied this chair I instantly thought of Laverne. Employing a oversized single initial on the back of a dining chair is a daring move. You could have one for every member of your family with every person’s first initial in their very own chair.

Emily A. Clark

2. On throw cushions. What’s far better than one monogrammed throw cushion? Pillows throw.

The Shabby Nest

3. About the headboard. If your kids share a room, this is an enjoyable way to mark their territories.

Chris Kauffman

4. On the headboard. If a major trip to the upholsterer’s is not in the cards, then add a stencil over the headboard. This is a simple DIY job that costs very little.

5. On your bedding. These bedspreads possess an elegant resort feel thanks to their easy trim and monograms.

Amy Lambert Lee

6. In a framework. Preserve and revel in a classic handkerchief, dresser scarf or doily with a monogram by framing it and hanging it on the wall.

Designing Domesticity

7. On the bedroom door. A name on the door is frequently a design movement for a child’s room, but a sophisticated monogram functions for adults, too.


8. On a Roman shade. The monogram on this one punctuates the fabric. I believe this might look smashing with my coordinating ship tote hanging those hooks nearby.

Erdreich Architecture, P.C.

9. In a backsplash. When I had a castle in Scotland, I imagine the tile in my kitchen could have a wonderful cursive”H” within the range like this.

10. On the desk. Why not admire your first as you work? This is a great move for a kid’s room, too.

Shannon Berrey Design

11. On a lampshade. I would have thought of this when I had not been hunting Houzz for monograms. This is just another project which can be achieved with a few proficient stenciling.

Munger Interiors

12. About the tissue box. Here’s a subtle way to place your monogram in the bathroom.

Cravotta Interiors

13. On the back of your lush home theater chairs. I acknowledge, not a lot people have them, but if I ever do someday, I will have to monogram them.

Jamie Herzlinger

14. On your towels. This is most likely the most popular usage of a monogram around the home, and it is still a great one. This is also a good opportunity to do something just a little goofy if you want. As an example, if your name is Becky, you can monogram your towels with”Chez Beck.”

The Lettered Cottage

15. Over the fireplace. In case your room is lacking a mantle, think about adding your first in a circle.

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5 Strategies to Move Daring With (Almost) All White

You have heard it before. Add color for punch! Give your space life! White is dull! Though the sentiments may be accurate for many, there is always a place for the white. White is refreshing, relaxing and the classic perfect canvas.

While I concur that color can surely bring vibrancy into a space, white isn’t without its own special charms. Get motivated by a few rooms that use white as a background for bold and silent colours — as a canvas for intricate layout.

1. Layer textures in a white plot. A white-on-white theme gets added layers of feel from a number of whites and creams. This nursery has level after level of creamier whites for a perfectly comfy space.

2. Add comparison with bold accent colours. For a contemporary look, layer bright whites with tiny pops of color. Any color will work, but bright oranges, reds and yellows are particularly brilliant.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

A bold, blue flooring in one little part of a mudroom turns out a standard room interesting and quirky.

LASC Studio

White, white, white, white, white, stop — teal! White can tempt you to complacency and then — bam — present color to jolt you off your feet.

RGN Construction

White encases this chamber, but the orange in the bed takes the appearance straight to contemporary with a single little swipe of color.

3. Add interest with silent accents. White chairs. White table. White hutch. White walls. White accessories. You would think the appearance would get dull, but the comparison of a well-oiled wood floor and hints of pastels create the room a shabby-chic paradise.

When a space is outfitted in white head to toe, it may be dull without a spin. A silent rug in muted tones is just the ticket to maintain this space both calm and interesting.

Eck | MacNeely Architects inc..

4. Accent complex designs. Interesting architecture becomes a study in contours when done in a white-on-white scheme. Rather than being active, the designs appear more complicated and slip into one another when specified coats of cleanup white.


White allows textures and shapes to sing in a silent manner. Within this easy bedroom, the scalloped edge of the blanket gets attention because it’s the only”moving” line in the area. In a room full of color and distractions, that easy, beautiful line would be lost.

Urrutia Design

5. Add a little contrast. A toilet is the perfect area for a multitude of whites. Easily cleaned and providing the space a fresh feel, white towels and accessories perfectly mix into spa-like white surroundings. One solid framework of darker color round the mirror is all of the contrast this room requirements. The”silence” of the room lets you concentrate on the framed views of the trees outdoors.


Here is just another example of a white area with white furnishings that uses just a hint of deeper black and brown to accent the starkness of the white. This classic color blend reads”clean but well-lived in.” There is a reason it’s a classic!

Whether you are adding white to a room or subtracting color from a place, think about the advantages of white. The perfect”noncolor” for layout components and the perfect canvas for unexpected color tales, white may just be the color you were looking for after all.

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