How To Power Wash A Walkway

Every homeowner needs to make sure their walkway is clean. Power washing the walkway is not a hard task. With a few DIY tips, you can do this on your own without any challenges concerning cleaning service Tuscaloosa. This is a task that should take no more than half a day from preparation to the end of the maid service Tuscaloosa AL.

Tools And Equipment

For this task, you will need the following tools and equipment:

– Leaf blower or a broom
– Nozzle pressure washer
– Sandblaster attachment
– Detergent
– Protective gear for the eyes
– Gloves


– Remove any obstacles in the walkway and the adjacent area.
– Blow or sweep away all the loose debris
– Spray clean fresh water on the vegetation around
– To prevent damage, cover the flowers and shrubs
– Before power washing, test the cleaning products on a small section of the walkway


Pressure washing is an effective way of cleaning the walkway. When done properly, your old grimy stone walk, paver or concrete will look as good as new. It’s very effective to have cleaning services Tuscaloosa AL.

While power washing is highly effective, you should not use it on laminar sandstone. The pressure can cause damage to the surface.

For your home, you should use electric power washers of no less than 1000 PSI. In case your washer is gas powered, it should be no less than 2000 PSI. Gas powered washers are ideal if you need a mobile cleaning option.

If your walkway has been stained by contaminants that are difficult to remove like paint, you should use a washer with a relatively higher pressure. For optimal cleaning results, make sure the washer has a spray pattern of 40 inches.

Never undertake any cleaning job without having your protective gear on. You will open yourself to a lot of risks.

Turn off the pressure washer when you are not using it. Leaving it unattended is a recipe for disaster. While in use, do not point the nozzle at any person or animal. Do not even point it at your car or house.

Imprinted and stenciled walkways should never be pressure washed. The pressure from the nozzle can damage the patterns.


– Evenly apply detergent to the cleaning surface and then prepare the nozzle.
– Allow the detergent to sit for 5-10 minutes
– Using a 40-inch spray, set the nozzle on high setting
– Only use the nozzle at the right distance from the walkway


In case you are using a washer rated lower than 2000 PSI, make sure the nozzle is no more than 1 foot from the cleaning surface. 1-2 feet is ideal in case your washer is rated between 2000 and 3000 PSI. If you are using a washer that’s higher than 3000 PSI, it should be no less than 2 feet from the cleaning surface.

While washing the walkway, go one section at a time. In case any section has a lot of soil, you will have to pass the sandblaster over it, especially if you have baking soda attachment. If you are considering to coat or seal the walkway after cleaning, allow it to settle for up to 48 hours.

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