Guest Groups: Decorate a Nightstand With 20 Pieces Under $50

It’s the tiniest details that make a house feel like a home, and also my beside table is just one of my favorite things to create my own. Here I discuss 20 perfect items that will assist you add personality to a bedside table, and all of them are under $50! — Maria Fe from Length of Meaning


Strong Shade Ceramic Lamp, Intense Jade – $19.99

I really like the form and color of this ceramic table lamp. It’s available in a range of colour choices, so I am confident you’ll find one that will match your room.


Väckis Alarm Clock – $0.99

I am one of the people that still sets an alarm on a clock that is not on a telephone, so this slick and simple clock is ideal for me. And the cost? Unbelievable!


Desert Rose Frame, Round – $24

Add a little bit of global flair with this colorful tin frame.


Feather Printing II – $35

My bedside table is small, but that does not mean it can’t hold my favorite pieces of artwork. I hung a small print above mine. This feather printing by Sarah Martinez will add a little bit of color and softness to any room.

Waiting on Martha

Faux Python Tray, Small – $40

A bedside table may quickly get crowded and disorganized. This stylish tray will not just keep all of your essentials in place, but will also add a touch glamour to your room.

Waiting on Martha

Yellow Carnaby Zebra Dish – $24

If you’re a fan of Jonathan Adler like that I am, then you will adore this ceramic dish inspired by his iconic zebra rug.


Horn Frame – $12

In my view, a table is not a table unless it includes a picture frame, and nothing leaves more of a statement than this antler/horn frame.

Waiting on Martha

Personalized Petite Plates – $15

Among the simplest ways to produce a space your own is by personalizing the things inside. These delicate miniature plates can hold keys, watches and jewelry perfectly.


Hunter’s Den Trinket Dish, Bear – $38

This small trinket dish is manly enough for the husband or boyfriend to have on his bedside table.

Waiting on Martha

Macaron Trinket Boxes – $10

Whenever I crave something sweet, macarons are always my go-to treat. These lifelike trinket boxes are best for storing small jewelry on your mind. Not only are they practical, but they look delicious also!

Jayson Home

Tatine Candle, Kensington Gardens – $18

Another must-have on my bedside table is a candle. I am dying to try the Kensington Gardens candle by Tatine. With notes of lily and vanilla, it’s the ideal odor with which to meet with your bedroom.


Coral Matches – $4

You can’t have a candle on your beside table with no trendy matches to accompany it.


Shiny Gold Elephant – $42

This delicate and playful gold infant elephant reminds me of my son. Adorable!


White and black Geometric Design Frame – $9.99

Bring a graphic element to a bedside with this bold black and white geometric frame.


Coral Wide Petite Vase – $20

Each week I buy inexpensive flowers for around my house. They immediately make me grin. I am enjoying this miniature ceramic vase and its vivid color.

Rifle Paper Co..

‘Get It Done’ Notepad – $8

I feel like my best thoughts always come to me in the morning, and I recall the to-do things on my list at night. This elegant”Get It Done” notepad is ideal for jotting down all of my thoughts.


Cream Decorative Box – $16.99

Exquisite as a decorative piece, this wooden box is also practical. It’ll hold all of your essentials and keep your bedside table clutter-free.


Room Essentials Table Lamp Base, Circular, Teal – $19.99

Turquoise is one of my favorite colors, and I love how it seems paired with a simple white.

Waiting on Martha

Brass Flower Starbursts – $26

I love these stylish brass starbursts. They make a statement if you pair a few together, but are amazing enough as standalone pieces.


Pretty Pansy Vase – $18

Adding a bouquet of flowers to this vase isn’t essential, since the pansy is amazing by itself.

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Guest Groups: Hippie-Chic Design for Today's Pads

Who doesn’t love a little peace, love and understanding? Embrace your inner hippie: Have a visit to Big Sur, throw pillows on the ground, attend a protest or just incorporate some of these hippie-chic things into your house and feel the mojo risin’. — Ana from Rearranged Design

Vicki Semke

Lighted Sign, Peace – $500

Give peace a chance — or more accurately, give a giant lighted peace sign a chance.

Heath Ceramics

Spring Full Set – $130.50

Serve your guests (or commune housemates) off of classic Heath dinnerware.

Ivory Macrame Wool Rug – $295

Offer your world-weary feet a break on this macrame rug. It’s almost like your grandma made it.


Ball Regular Mouth Jars with Lids and Bands – $15.99

You do not have time for real glasses; you’re too busy marching on Washington or getting petitions signed. Drink your favorite wheat grass smoothie from these timeless mason jars.

Jayson Home

Brass Peace Sign – $168

This brass sculpture can help you state your position without saying a word. Bring it to another quiet protest.

Home Garden & Outdoors

Vifah Hanging Chair, Light Gray – $422.74

Furniture with feet is for the bourgeois. Hang your seat!

Jayson Home

Agate Cheese Plates – $60

These cheese plates would also be wonderful as candleholders or as somewhere to place the keys to a VW van.

West Elm

Kew Dhurrie Pouf – $249

A large square pouf is ideal for casual seats or love-ins, whatever.

Jayson Home

Wooden Mushroom – $45

Drugs are so passé, but drug decor things are trés chic.


Dark Wood Bongos – $49.90

You’re not a certified hippie until you own a pair of bongos and participate frequently in local drum circles.


Wood Door Beads ‘Swirly Pits’ With Peach Pits – $24.99

You will, of course, need a beaded curtain. Prove the Man you’re against entry doors.

Jayson Home

Marina Vase – $16

This netted vase is ideal for holding the candles to your next handfasting ceremony.

Coffee Lovers USA

Padilla French Twist Candles – $49.50

These hand-crafted stacking mugs are a great way to have your morning cup of organically grown, ethically harvested coffee.


Handmade Pottery Peacock Pearl Vase – $43.45

This is a beautiful catchall for all your contemporary devices. You might be a hippie, but you still want your iPhone.

Jayson Home

Sur Sculpture – $160

Plant this contemporary sculpture on your coffee table. It’s a great throwback to the craft motion.


Lava Lamp Designer Lamp, Aqua – $20.99

No hippie den is full without a Lava Lamp. To be with no one is sacrilegious.


‘Eco’ Ikat Twist – $195

Drape yourself in luxury. This throw is totally glam and hippie chic at the identical moment. It’s even eco friendly.


Little Sweet Briar Vase – $54.95

You will, of course, need a hand-crafted vase to place those handpicked wildflowers in.

The Floating Bed

Round Floating Bed – $3,795

This floating bed is the ultimate hippie nest. It’s ideal for your next bed-in.

The Home Depot

Rust Macrame Plant Hangers – $13.96

Macrame plant hangers are a staple of any hippie home. They’re ideal for your home herb garden.

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