Your Décor: Put a Monogram

A number of you may be too young to remember Laverne and Shirley, but I always had a fascination with the way Laverne needed a cursive”L” on everything she wore. It started a love of monograms for me personally; they started Bermuda bag covers and still make their way on my favorite L.L. Bean ship tote bags.

There is something very royal about monogramming items around the home. Here are a few fantastic opportunities to place your stamp in each room of the home.

Emily Johnston Larkin

1. On the back of a dining chair. When I spied this chair I instantly thought of Laverne. Employing a oversized single initial on the back of a dining chair is a daring move. You could have one for every member of your family with every person’s first initial in their very own chair.

Emily A. Clark

2. On throw cushions. What’s far better than one monogrammed throw cushion? Pillows throw.

The Shabby Nest

3. About the headboard. If your kids share a room, this is an enjoyable way to mark their territories.

Chris Kauffman

4. On the headboard. If a major trip to the upholsterer’s is not in the cards, then add a stencil over the headboard. This is a simple DIY job that costs very little.

5. On your bedding. These bedspreads possess an elegant resort feel thanks to their easy trim and monograms.

Amy Lambert Lee

6. In a framework. Preserve and revel in a classic handkerchief, dresser scarf or doily with a monogram by framing it and hanging it on the wall.

Designing Domesticity

7. On the bedroom door. A name on the door is frequently a design movement for a child’s room, but a sophisticated monogram functions for adults, too.


8. On a Roman shade. The monogram on this one punctuates the fabric. I believe this might look smashing with my coordinating ship tote hanging those hooks nearby.

Erdreich Architecture, P.C.

9. In a backsplash. When I had a castle in Scotland, I imagine the tile in my kitchen could have a wonderful cursive”H” within the range like this.

10. On the desk. Why not admire your first as you work? This is a great move for a kid’s room, too.

Shannon Berrey Design

11. On a lampshade. I would have thought of this when I had not been hunting Houzz for monograms. This is just another project which can be achieved with a few proficient stenciling.

Munger Interiors

12. About the tissue box. Here’s a subtle way to place your monogram in the bathroom.

Cravotta Interiors

13. On the back of your lush home theater chairs. I acknowledge, not a lot people have them, but if I ever do someday, I will have to monogram them.

Jamie Herzlinger

14. On your towels. This is most likely the most popular usage of a monogram around the home, and it is still a great one. This is also a good opportunity to do something just a little goofy if you want. As an example, if your name is Becky, you can monogram your towels with”Chez Beck.”

The Lettered Cottage

15. Over the fireplace. In case your room is lacking a mantle, think about adding your first in a circle.

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Houzz Tour: Stunning SoHo Loft

This stunning loft in SoHo had several lifetimes before a few hired architect and interior designer David Howell to finish a significant renovation. “This was a first SoHo loft building, transformed out of a mill back in the 1980s” explains Howell. The scope of his job included adding central air conditioning, a bathroom, a kitchen and windows in addition to improving the flow and layout.

“It was one huge open space together with all the original tin ceilings, floors and brick walls, exposed columns and sprinklers — all signatures of a classic SoHo loft,” describes Howell. Maintaining and enhancing these classic attributes was paramount throughout the renovation of the space, so he did not want to shut it with rooms or corridors. “Keeping things open is critical to a attic setting,” he explains. However, he did want to design a pleasing flow, and “create regions where folks want to go” within the space. See the way he balanced these priorities for his clients, a few who did not mind working within their home over a long period of time.

David Howell Design

One quite inviting part of the space is that this seating area; Howell brought in a careful mixture of textures and materials. The bench is a heavy, strong piece of carved weathered sandstone from Karkula, that was brought in through the windows via a crane. A mixture of soft rugs, vintage Poul Kjærholm seats, a couch from BDDW, a custom coffee table that comprises a rack of vintage bowling balls, and an woven seat from North Africa round out the space. One of the owners used to reside in Africa, so the seat is a link to a faraway location that was home.

“The massive picture finishes the fourth side of the living room,” says Howell. The woman in the film is really a digital production by Diago Uchitel and was bought at Ralph Pucci.

David Howell Design

The original tin ceiling was one classic SoHo loft feature that was restored and displayed off to the fullest. The attic only has one wall of windows to provide natural light, so 9-foot walls that don’t achieve all of the way up into the ceiling permit light to pass through the house and offer a continuous view of the ceiling. Uplights on top of these walls create reflections drawing attention to it.

David Howell Design

A blue bookcase adds room for books and items. It also supplies more lighting within it and atop it, and conceals the cargo elevator.

David Howell Design

A mural that is in advance stands up to the massive wall in the end of the dining room. Track lighting was installed to glow on this wall. “I chose the series light fixture over the dining table since it did not compete with the mural,” explains Howell. The fixture also works nicely with the existing exposed sprinklers, and fresh metal finishes brought in via the track lights and some of the furniture.

David Howell Design

Along with the bench, the custom made table needed to be brought in via crane. It’s 15 feet long and took 8 months to create. It had been worth the wait ; in actuality, when Bono happened to see it at the showroom, he tried to buy it, then wound up ordering up one twice as long for his own home.

The Danish dining seats are vintage 1960s rosewood that has been ebonized. “These are so well-crafted; both the legs and back are all 1 piece,” explains Howell. “They tie in quite nicely with the live border.”

Table by BDDW

David Howell Design

The brand new kitchen is tucked out of view in front doorway, in a place in which a guest bathroom was. It doesn’t have a good deal of daily usage, as a frequent element of life in a classic SoHo loft is taking advantage of all of the great takeout available. This opened up the chance to show more artwork and light it accordingly. Photography topics include Madonna and Grace Jones.

The counter stools tuck neatly underneath the island. Crafted out of a leather conveyor belt and steel by Jim Zivic, they increase the attic’s palette of textures.

David Howell Design

A cozy office/guest room occupies the space in the opposite end of the attic. The custom couch converts to a bed. The mild hanging overhead is a vintage extendable Italian lamp in the 1950s, and the seat is a vintage Eames Executive Chair, upholstered in red patent leather.

David Howell Design

This desk was created with a live-edge piece of wood left over in the dining room table. It had been filled in with bronze, and if you look carefully you can see the beautiful distressed features.

The shelf system was also made by Jim Zivic, also such as the counter stools, it is crafted of steel and leather. The materials selected here help link this room into the more public regions of the attic.

David Howell Design

For the master bedroom, a leather and walnut headboard out of BDDW stands up to the scale of the room. Paint color and a wooden walnut veneer wallpaper by Trove achieve the exact same height as the walls. The color palette and light fixtures give the room a relaxed and soft feel.

Red throw by Michelle Reeves, bought at ABC Carpet and Home

David Howell Design

An iconic newspaper chandelier by Inge Maurer plus a concealed coved lighting system illuminate this uncommon closed-off space, the master bath. A glass shower and a soft color palette keep things light and open, even though a well-worn red rug and red towels include dashes of color.

Block sinks by Agape, bought at Moss

David Howell Design

The tiles around the room are limestone, chosen to match the poured concrete floor. “We alternated the sheets to create a subtle checkerboard effect,” says Howell. Photography is included by A parallel shelf of artwork by a Damien Hirst skull and Helmut Newton. The dark frames and shelf play the 3-legged Jonah Meyer dining stool.

The preserved loft elements, consideration of usage, views and flow, masterful lighting scheme and careful mix of textures have resulted in a truly stunning residence.

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Cool Wallpaper Spotted!

This is a glimpse in the bathroom of my favorite Brooklyn, New York, store, Caribou Baby. I wish every diaper change of my baby girl could happen within this pretty area. Obviously, the wall layout is. But I was surprised to find out its origin.

Expecting to hear that this pattern is from a new trendy background lineup (which all appear to run $125 a roster), I was amazed to hear that the walls of this bathroom are coated in another than Ikea fabric.

Continue reading for more details of this bathroom makeover, and I’ll discuss some rooms using a similar background design (that are probably on the pricier side of trendy).

Produced by Kristen Reifsteck, the bathroom inside the Caribou Baby store features Ikea fabric mounted with a paste that is homemade.

Teamed with a classic black pendant lighting and timber accents, the wallcovering gives the bathroom a perfectly rustic modern style that also feels joyful.

Tip: If you’re looking to make within the distance by your infant’s changing table, know that patterns and colours certainly draw in babies (and help distract them while you’re performing a diaper change).

That modern woodsy style is captured by the layers of the treehouse along with bird motif and colours I adore.

You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on background to get a rad, modern layout. At $7.99 a yard, this Monalis fabric is quite a steal.

Leclair Decor

This background has a tree motif that also has a rustic modern design. Background — or fabric used as background — with vertical lines in the design, as in this wallpaper with the trees, helps make a space appear taller.

Birds of a feather flock together. This background design reminds me of this fabric on the walls in the Caribou Baby bathroom. The big difference is that this background is just white and black.


Daydream Wallpaper, Gray – $125

This bird-motif background by designer Julia Rothman has a whimsical spirit. The dark colours make a comfy feeling, similar to the Ikea fabric.

Melissa Miranda Interior Design

I adore the look of darker background in a bathroom. It adds to this cozy, intimate vibe you expect to have while you’re in the loo.

Background for Dark and Dreamy Bedrooms

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5 Strategies to Move Daring With (Almost) All White

You have heard it before. Add color for punch! Give your space life! White is dull! Though the sentiments may be accurate for many, there is always a place for the white. White is refreshing, relaxing and the classic perfect canvas.

While I concur that color can surely bring vibrancy into a space, white isn’t without its own special charms. Get motivated by a few rooms that use white as a background for bold and silent colours — as a canvas for intricate layout.

1. Layer textures in a white plot. A white-on-white theme gets added layers of feel from a number of whites and creams. This nursery has level after level of creamier whites for a perfectly comfy space.

2. Add comparison with bold accent colours. For a contemporary look, layer bright whites with tiny pops of color. Any color will work, but bright oranges, reds and yellows are particularly brilliant.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

A bold, blue flooring in one little part of a mudroom turns out a standard room interesting and quirky.

LASC Studio

White, white, white, white, white, stop — teal! White can tempt you to complacency and then — bam — present color to jolt you off your feet.

RGN Construction

White encases this chamber, but the orange in the bed takes the appearance straight to contemporary with a single little swipe of color.

3. Add interest with silent accents. White chairs. White table. White hutch. White walls. White accessories. You would think the appearance would get dull, but the comparison of a well-oiled wood floor and hints of pastels create the room a shabby-chic paradise.

When a space is outfitted in white head to toe, it may be dull without a spin. A silent rug in muted tones is just the ticket to maintain this space both calm and interesting.

Eck | MacNeely Architects inc..

4. Accent complex designs. Interesting architecture becomes a study in contours when done in a white-on-white scheme. Rather than being active, the designs appear more complicated and slip into one another when specified coats of cleanup white.


White allows textures and shapes to sing in a silent manner. Within this easy bedroom, the scalloped edge of the blanket gets attention because it’s the only”moving” line in the area. In a room full of color and distractions, that easy, beautiful line would be lost.

Urrutia Design

5. Add a little contrast. A toilet is the perfect area for a multitude of whites. Easily cleaned and providing the space a fresh feel, white towels and accessories perfectly mix into spa-like white surroundings. One solid framework of darker color round the mirror is all of the contrast this room requirements. The”silence” of the room lets you concentrate on the framed views of the trees outdoors.


Here is just another example of a white area with white furnishings that uses just a hint of deeper black and brown to accent the starkness of the white. This classic color blend reads”clean but well-lived in.” There is a reason it’s a classic!

Whether you are adding white to a room or subtracting color from a place, think about the advantages of white. The perfect”noncolor” for layout components and the perfect canvas for unexpected color tales, white may just be the color you were looking for after all.

Find guides to using white in the Houzz Color section

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Your Closet Doors: From Everyday to Unique and Chic

Generally , it is the wardrobe inside the closet that garners all of the attention. However, what about the closet doors that lead you to that wardrobe? It could be time to alter that point of entry with anything from paint to fanciful drapes to a entirely new door. If you’re looking to provide your ho-hum closet doors somewhat zest, have a look at the creative solutions out of some fellow Houzzers to get instant inspiration. You will wind up spending more time ogling your magnificent doors than you do your wardrobe!

More: Turn Your Closet Into a Office

Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inc

Wallpaper is a simple way for dressing up your closet doors. This designer cleverly chose squares of several different designs to create an eclectic and personalized look for her door.

More ideas from this vibrant home

Lauren Liess Interiors

Wallpaper can be cut into whatever you want, like a floral lion drifting across a mountain of chalkboard paint. This idea is great for giving your kids’ closet doors a lively touch.

Studio Zerbey Architecture + Design

Straightforward curtains slide away to reveal the entire wardrobe system at a Seattle house filled with small-space ideas.

Sara Ballinger – 1130 Creative, LLC

Curtains work wonders when distances are too tight for swinging doors. Just remove the door and hang a curtain in its location. Consider it like dressing a windowMeasure the length and width of your closet carefully, select a pole and curtains of proper size, and install. Before you understand it, the closet will have an entirely new character.

Transform your child’s room to an abode fit for royalty by replacing the closet doors with soft, elegant curtains.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

Look closely; it is difficult to tell if you’re looking at closet doors or a superbly painted mural. By positioning the door handles near the floor, it is nearly impossible to tell. Besides, is not a water perspective more attractive than your normal closet door?

Fiorella Design

Create a location for artistic expression with the addition of chalkboard paint beside your closet door. All that is required is that a can of paint and a couple of hours of labour to disguise a closet with a surface for artwork.

Philpotts Interiors

If chalkboards aren’t your thing, look at a dry-erase board. This designer inserted one into the wood framework of the door, creating the ideal spot for a fast note or a whimsical drawing.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

When it’s in your budget, consider replacing the doors altogether with something unexpected and unique. These gorgeous custom doors feature butternut wood with an applied milk paint finish that gives them a warm, antique look.

Another option is a pair of truly classic glass doors. You could be able to find some inexpensively at your regional flea market, antique store or architectural salvage yard. Wardrobes are generally colorful and filled with texture, so it surely doesn’t hurt to have them in full view through lovely glass doors.

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Home Design: What Is Your Story?

In my home, we are completely enjoying the new season of Parenthood on NBC. Watching all the interactions of parents, grandparents, siblings, and cousins reminds us of their own family and all of the joy and angst that households bring.

However I have to admit, once again, that among those aspects of the series I truly enjoy is the set design. It is the way every home tells us who these individuals are. There’s Zeek’s and Camille’s hippie-chic style; Adam’s and Kristina’s upgraded traditionalism; Julia’s and Joel’s jettisoning of the past for the brand new, and Crosby’s bachelorhood.

The designers have done a remarkable job portraying the cast — without even viewing actors in these settings we know a whole lot about the characters they will portray.

So how can we get our houses to tell our story? How can people learn about us even with met us? Let us have a look.

More: ‘Pan-Am’ Inspires Flight Back to the ’60s

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Zeek and Camille’s house isn’t quite as “high style” as it will have the identical feeling of a life well lived with its assortment of meaningful objects.

Tomar Lampert Associates

Nor is Zeek’s and Camille’s house as pastoral as this (although it does seem that it might have been in an earlier time). In fact, we get the feeling that Zeek and Camille weren’t any strangers to Haight Ashbury.

Felhandler/ Steeneken Architects

Zeek and Camille would be comfortable in this kitchen. Cheerful, colorful, bright and eclectic, this kitchen doesn’t take itself overly seriously.

Vintage Renewal

Zeek’s and Camille’s oldest daughter, Sarah, has moved back in with her parents after a stormy marriage. Evidence that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Sarah is certainly comfortable in the comfortable surroundings of her childhood home.

Dorothy Howard AIA, Architect

Adam’s and Kristina’s upgraded Craftsman house tells us that this is a few as grounded from the past as they are forward-looking. A thick, solid wood entrance door with substantial hardware tells us these people want things which are grounded, while the prosperity of wide and handsome white trimming tells us they’re certainly living in the 21st century.

Goforth Gill Architects

Though Adam’s and Kristina’s home is older. It certainly has the upgraded kitchen with the major island that’s now the middle of family life. In this house the past and future blend together such as the stainless steel mixes together using all the traditionally styled wood cabinetry.

WA Design Architects

As befits their relationship (Julia is your earner, and Joel the stay-at-home parent), Julia’s and Joel’s house is all about being fresh and in the cutting edge. No traditional arrangement for those two, there’s nothing holding them to the past, and their eyes are firmly looking forward.

WA Design Architects

It doesn’t mean Julia and Joel are cool and aloof just because everything in their own home is fresh, shiny and contemporary. Such as the generous amount of wood here, both of these are, at their core, warm and intriguing people.

DM Designs

Cosby the bachelor is that one kid who never seems to develop. He lives on a houseboat if we meet with him.

Celia James

The antithesis of the older brother Adam, Crosby is a dreamer content, for the most part, to gaze at the stars.

Next: 13 ways to express your own personality

Bud Dietrich, AIA

Consider the front of your home, the face which you see from the street. If that warm and inviting appearance you desire isn’t there, you can change the roof pitch, swap the aluminum for plaster and then put in a new canopy over the door.

Richard Manion Architecture Inc..

Perhaps you wish to convey a more formal and elegant persona, as the white color, symmetry and Chinese Chippendale does here.

Christopher Templeton

Utilize a color palette which identifies and celebrates each portion of your house to convey your love of detail and craft.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Collections also help convey who we are. Consider displaying a set of classic maps of places we’ve traveled to.

James Cleary Architecture

Perhaps it’s an assortment of artifacts, such as pottery. All the better if they are things you’ve made.

So ask yourself regarding your precious stuff. Where do you keep it? How could you display it? What does it convey about you?

Bud Dietrich, AIA

Even things in your toilet can tell your story. Where’s your engraving from? Was the plant stand an inheritance or flea market find? Is the clock in your bathroom an effort to overcome chronic tardiness?

Envision living

You can tell your story using photography. I can be large and in a position of prominence and of a cherished family member or two. The visitor has to ask, “Who are these people, and what is your relationship to them?”


A wall size replica of a favourite photograph that tells us a bit of the story of you and your family.

Thrifty Decor Chick

Smaller framed photos reminds us of the people who have dwelt here.

Look around your home. Whose pictures are on display? How could you display them to convey something about yourself and your loved ones?

Ward-Young Architecture & Planning – Truckee, CA

You can personalize a room using a bright, daring and favorite color. Remember an all-beige world wouldn’t be compelling.

Do you have a room painted your favourite color? Do not be concerned about resale. A paint color can always be changed. So do what you would like.

Canyon Design Build

Do not hesitate to use bright, bold colors and appliance fashions that convey your fun side.

Jill Seidner Interior Design

Give a wall which now is a shopping list and tomorrow a few scribbles. Do not hesitate to just throw things up there to express who you are and what’s on your mind.

Momoko Morton

A chalkboard, bright colors and personalized objects infuse a room with the story of the people who inhabit it.

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‘Pan-Am’ Inspires Flight Back to the ’60s

True-Blood: What should Sookie Just Moved Off?

Browse 200,000+ house photos by styleliving room and metro region

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Houzz Tour: Modern Shingle Style in Utah

This home tucked in the hills of Northern Utah was created in 1995 to balance the husband’s love of contemporary style and the wife’s love for much more of a cottage look. Salt Lake City architect Warren Lloyd of Lloyd Architects utilized cedar shingles and aluminum roofing to strike a balance and give the exterior a warm and organic design that will blend with its surroundings. About a decade later, the clients called on him and interior designer Susan Taggart to redesign the house, a project which included a gorgeous brand new kitchen and living space. “The trick was to incorporate modern elements in warmer and more comfortable colors and fabrics,” Taggart says.

Lloyd Architects

The house in Logan, Utah is perched on a hillside with views of rolling hills, a profound valley, and thick scrub oak forests. Its dramatic sloping roofline echoes the curves of this hillside. Because of this roofline, most of the ceilings in the house are sloped, creating a massive variety in ceiling height throughout the house. “The sense of spatial compression is a really powerful tool,” says Lloyd.

Lloyd Architects

“We thought of this house as connected pavilions,” says Lloyd. “There are two bungalow-sized forms which are pulled apart, with an arced living space connecting them.” Each bungalow is about 26′ x 40′. Together they hold the house’s five bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas.

Lloyd Architects

Outdoor living areas flow easily from the interior the house. There’s a clear view to the outside throughout — when entering the home, the outside terraces on the opposite side of the house are visible.

Lloyd Architects

Because the house was built on a steep incline, Lloyd and his team used terracing to make walls and garden spaces. This outdoor terrace is paved with concrete in a stamped cobblestone pattern.

Lloyd Architects

When Lloyd first built this house, the clients requested he put a laundry room next to the kitchen, and he put one in which this little family room is currently. Through time, the owner realized her family members and friends loved to collect in the kitchen, and the laundry room was stifling that space. When they did the remodel, Lloyd moved the laundry room to another area.

Lloyd and Taggart utilized quite a few special ceiling treatments, such as the woven plywood with a cherrywood finish above the family room in this shot. Split-face Travertine tile has been implemented to the wall behind the TV, contrasting the polished appearance of the plywood ceiling treatment and the cherry-stained bamboo flooring.

Chair: Flexform
Coffee tables: Zanotta Ambo tables

The kitchen became much more contemporary, as the wife’s tastes had changed considerably since the house was brand new. Stainless steel appliances, vivid colors, and bold lighting all create a contemporary look in warm hues.

The actual jaw-dropper is the custom made dining table, created by a local company called 3-Form. The base is stainless steel, and the shirt is made from pressed glass.

Countertops: Lemon Grass granite
Fridge: Sub-Zero

Island: Straight grain mahogany with stainless steel banding
Walker Zanger

Lloyd Architects

The kitchen cabinetry is straight-grain mahogany, with some cabinet doors and doors in back-painted glass. The pure orange tint in the mahogany contrasts perfectly with the kitchen’s lime green accents and dark cherry hardwood flooring.

Range: Wolf
Pendants: Tobias Grau Sea pendant
Chairs: Montis Spica Chair

Interior designer Susan Taggart chose comfortable furnishings with modern lines. Engineered wood, textiles, and colors balance the appearance. “Often people think that contemporary is cold and uncomfortable, but it does not need to be the case in any respect,” says Taggart.

Lighting: Flos Fuscia pendants

The tilted ceiling in the living room is a great illustration of how the sloped roof transforms the sense of a space. The cast concrete fireplace reaches to the Douglas fir rafters, making a gorgeous intersection of contrasting materials.

Interior colour: Benjamin Moore Timothy Straw

While the traces of this house make for a daring design, Lloyd and Taggart chose a comparatively simple palette of materials, colors and products. Lighting was kept understated to prevent from disrupting the flow of the space. Sconces, recessed lighting, and a few pendants dominate the lighting scheme.

The ceiling screen in the master bedroom is a customized piece from local artisans, faux finished with silver foliage. Light from the outside goes through the piece to light the master bedroom. “It almost resembles a Turkish tent,” says Lloyd.

Bed framework: B&B Italia
Bedding: Bella Notte custom bedding

The glass tiles in the master bath were carefully selected in the exact same sage green which echoes throughout the house, and Taggart installed sconces along the sides of the mirrors instead of overhead lighting to get a more flattering glow. More of the eco-resin out of 3-Form could be viewed here in a few of the organically inspired patterns.

Flooring: Walker Zanger Porcelain tile
Wall tile: Walker Zanger 1×1 glass mosaic tile
Cabinets: Green Onyx
Sconces: Leucos Diana sconces

Lloyd Architects

The extremely low ceiling on the upper-level bridge is another illustration of the drama created by the house’s sloping roofline. The custom made railings are made from steel and a structured bamboo eco-resin panel out of 3-Form.

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