Guest Picks: 20 Rugs from Around the World

Cabinets can perform more than warm up the flooring of your inside; they can be a cultural statement as well. Through unique rugs, you can be transported from Morocco into the Orient with only 1 step. Here are some amazing rugs from all over the globe that are sure to assist you bring color, pattern and ethnic style to your house. — Jeanine from AphroChic

Amadi Carpets

Re-Woven Turkish Rug

You can opt for big pops of color with this up-cycled Turkish flooring covering. The coolest part is that it is made from the re-dyed wool of rugs that are older.


Boucherouite #25 – $820

This Boucherouite rug hails from Morocco. Scraps of recycled substances have been pieced together to create colorful and energetic carpets that are sure to brighten any space.


Red Azillal Berber Rug – $850

In the hills of Morocco, this antique berber rug is absolutely spectacular in deep hues of black and red.

Morris Etc..

The South Portland Rug 16

Vintage Peruvian rug layout looks amazing in contemporary and fresh colors such as pink, purple and ocean green. I think this rug could be ideal for a little one’s room.

Morris Etc..

The Bracken Ridge Rug 11 – $375

This Bracken Ridge rug is 100 percent wool, one-of-a-kind and made in Peru. It’s among my favorites in candy-colored hues of pink and orange.

L’aviva house

Moroccan wedding costume – $615

Antique wedding blankets were worn by Moroccan brides on their wedding day. They are now able to be used as blankets, as well as rugs, to bring a little sparkle to a room.

The Loaded Trunk

Vintage Tulu Rug – $549

Tulu rugs are Turkish shag carpeting. The variety of colors is magnificent; just one could create a rainbow effect in a neutral room.

The Loaded Trunk

Patchwork Kilim Rug – $299

A patchwork kilim rug from Turkey is a excellent way to bring both color and design home.


Agadir Twists Rug – $498

I can’t get enough of the rug from Anthropologie. It has a mix of deep and electric hues that make it a complete statement piece.

L’aviva house

Shyrdak Felt Rugs

A rug from Kyrgyzstan is a way to add some global style. Each rug comes in many different colors and patterns so you can find the one perfect for your inside.

ABC Carpet

Color Reform 4’2″x6’0″ – $999

This Pakistani rug was re-dyed in a beautiful purple. It’s a fantastic means to usher in some color in your home.

Amadi Carpets

Beni Ouarian Rug

The abstract pattern with this Moroccan rug has a free-form illustrative feel. It’s like a work of art to your floor.

Amadi Carpets

Turkey Vintage Kilim

This classic kilim was hand-knotted in Turkey. I am a lover of the orange and purple color palette.


Tan-Tan Rug – $998

My sister just bought this Moroccan rug for the living space. It has so many colors it can be tricky to determine what sort of furniture to match it with. My suggestion would be to go with something black for a striking contrast.

ABC Carpet

Tabriz 4’8″ x 6’7″ – $5,999

I love the attention to detail present in Persian rugs. This one has so many incredible colors and patterns within it. It’s rugs such as this that truly stand out and warm up a modern inside.

ABC Carpet

Color Reform 6’1″x8’9″ – $3,799

Black and emerald green never looked as lovely as they do within this over-dyed Pakistani rug. In a space with black furnishings, this rug is going to be the star.

Doris Leslie Blau

Eastern European Flat Weave Carpet – $58,000

Can you believe that this is an early 20th century carpeting? This Eastern European rug has a graffiti-like texture for this. I love the abstract imagery and bright colors. It’s simply fantastic!


Moroccan Kilim

This Moroccan kilim in teal blue strikes my fancy. Made with a mix of cotton and silk, it would be lovely to stretch out as it is to look at.

Doris Leslie Blau

Samarkand Carpet – $28,000

This bright red rug is from East Turkestan. I love the floral theme.

ABC Carpet

Color Reform 7’9″x9’9″ – $4,499

This pink Color Reform rug from ABC Carpet & Home would look amazing in a small girl’s room. Do not you agree?

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