Spacious Farmhouse in Virginia

This motivated manor is home to a retired couple who have a severe passion for animals. They wanted to build a house where horses, dogs and cats had room to roam till they found permanent homes.

The home sits on a 1,000-acre slice of land in the Green Springs Historic District, a shielded agricultural landscape sprinkled with historic farmhouses and manors, and the couple wanted to make sure their house would blend in. Joel Barkley, John Ike and Thomas Kligerman of Ike Kilgerman Barkley Architects worked with interior designer Renée O’Leary to create a colorful, cheerful and light-filled house that looks as if it’s been there for centuries.

in a Glance
Who lives here: A couple and their nurture horses, dogs and cats
Location: Louisa, Virginia
Size: 5,000 square feet on 1,000 acres
That’s intriguing: The home is an irregular H shape to allow for maximum all-natural light.

Ike Kligerman Barkley

The entire Green Springs Historic District is a protected agricultural arena. It is composed of more than 14,000 acres of exceptionally fertile land (a sharp contrast to this poor soil surrounding it), and historic manors and farmhouses.

Ike Kligerman Barkley

Since this was one of the biggest homes built in the area since the late 19th century, it was critical that the home mix in with its environment. Barkley and his team wanted the home to keep inside the individuality of the historic district but nevertheless reflect the design style of their customers.

Ike Kligerman Barkley

A columned entry portico greets the homeowners in the end of a long drive round the 1,000-acre home. The home is within an irregular H shape, which made in part to allow for the constant flow of light.

Windows: Marvin; columns: Chadsworth; chairs: Weatherend

Ike Kligerman Barkley

The steady was a very important portion of the couple’s wish list. Since part of the reason they constructed this home was to take care of retired horses, they needed enough space to house the animals and their caretakers. Ike Kilgerman Barkley made the layout based on a classic English profile they admired for its timeless and functional look. The stable can accommodate up to 28 horses, and its own center peak has living quarters for its horses’ keepers.

Ike Kligerman Barkley

Indoor-outdoor living proved to be a big priority on this project. A “service” porch with a fireplace and a screened-in dining porch allow the couple to enjoy the grand grounds yearlong.

Ike Kligerman Barkley

Interior designer Renee O’Leary needed the house to feel traditional but have a pleasant, open, colorful and relaxing vibe that would signify its farmhouse roots. Earthy tones, exposed forests and large windows in each room help achieve this look. White and black marble floors give the entry a dab of formality.

Ike Kligerman Barkley

The bunk hallway bridge across the porte cochere (the arched structure over the driveway, also referred to as a carriage porch) is Barkley’s favorite room in the home. Here, daybeds are placed at the end of this space with bookshelves tucked below and in each end. “The manner by which the measures in the hallway isolate this area make it comfy, protected and nap causing,” says Barkley.

Ike Kligerman Barkley

A country-style kitchen feels current but reflects the timeless quality of the house. Granite countertops were installed for ultimate durability, and glass-faced upper cabinets offer more storage without restricting the open quality of the space. A huge window over the sink opens into a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Ike Kligerman Barkley

“The single-room depth of the floor plan lets sunshine all day to the home. The triple-hung windows allow you to push the sash and walk out everywhere you would like,” says Barkley.

Ike Kligerman Barkley

A casual living room area bathed in oranges and yellows sits outside the kitchen. A fireplace keeps it comfy in winter, while open access to the back porch allows for an indoor-outdoor living space during the summertime.

Loveseat cloth: Nobilis; armchair cloth: Bergamo; orange carpet: Odegard; lamp: Holly Hunt

Ike Kligerman Barkley

O’Leary was passionate about her color choices. “She knew the living room and library had to be Clydesdale Brown by Benjamin Moore,” says Barkley. “She loves horses.” The boxed white and bay bookshelves within this room create a bright focus contrary to the earthy brown paint.

Couch: Donghia; carpeting: Stark

Ike Kligerman Barkley

An upstairs gallery alongside the master bedroom hallway allows for clear views into the Blue Ridge Mountains. A gold grass-cloth wall covering maintains the warm inside vibe and overlooks the brilliant greenery outdoors.

Artwork over mantel: Ted Larsen; curtains: Cowtan & Tout; wall covering: Decorators Walk

All pictures by Durston Saylor

Get the Look: Sophisticated Country Style
Nation Modern: A Balancing Act
10 Wonderful Farmhouses

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21 Dream Showers Permit You Soap Up in Style

Are you a person or a person that is shower? Or, like me, does it depend on your disposition? If the invigorating feeling of a full body spray, the gentle fall of hot rain or the soothing, muscle-relaxing pulse of an oscillating spray sounds great, this ideabook is for you.

Luxurious materials, magnificent settings and the latest in technology brings to the experience in these sensational shower designs. Once you go in, it may be a lengthy time until you come out.

Moroccan Design

This Moroccan-inspired shower makes my fantasy record for its sheer dazzling magnificence of this jewel-like mosaic tile, the colours on the wall and that fairly fuchsia cupboard. In addition, I adore the raised platform of this shower surrounded with a hardly there frameless glass enclosure. What a fashion!

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

When I watched this clear, totally tubular shower, my first idea was “Beam me up, Scotty.” Then I understood Scotty could not actually beam me anywhere much better than this. It’s a movement sensing door which opens automatically, which is fairly space era.

This ought to appeal to wannabe go-go dancers; nothing like a little exhibitionism to begin daily. It is the Transtube 360 from Roca.

Large glass doors using a curbless transition into the outside in conjunction with a skylight and back-painted glass the colour of water and skies create an experience that is like showering out in the open. A very free atmosphere and one which requires a secluded site.

Speaking of dreams, this shower nevertheless is only that: a fantasy. This is a photorealistic 3-D rendering done to conceptualize the entire space before building. The designer has envisioned a wood floor that continues in a curbless fashion from the main tub to the shower. River stone outside the floor-to-ceiling windows is continuing indoors around the shower stage. This is like showering out in the jungle with no bugs.

Many designers are operating with 3-D modeling applications to give a flavor of what the room will really look like before the customer commits to building the layout. The more photorealistic the manufacturing, the more it costs to get it generated, but it sure beats the hell out of a floor plan in pencil on chart paper for visualization.

Tracy Stone AIA

What could be dreamier than showering in a warm rain when gazing up at a blue sky? What a great idea for getting sun in your shower whilst still maintaining your privacy.

The Grene Group

A luxurious stone texture fills one wall of this shower. The handheld showerhead is as sleek as they come, but it’s the rain showerhead that will make me feel like I was in a secluded, natural grotto.

Combining sauna and shower is another luxury idea. The rough-hewn granite and hefty logs create a grounding environment in which to sit back and unwind.

This shower is simply pure opulence, with the walls and floor covered in beautifully colored stone. Just being in here would make me feel like a million bucks.

Flüff Designs & Decor

A very dramatic look is achieved with book-matched marble with a striking vein pattern. When you look closely you’ll realize there are body spray fixtures set in the wall into the left as well as a square rain showerhead in the ceiling and the other showerhead on the wall. Setting fixtures to the wall allows the rock’s beauty stand out with minimal interruption.

Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts (Bangalore)

A shower pillar is another way to bring the luxury of body spray fixtures and several showerhead features without needing to run pipes.

At first glance you notice this shower shares a beautiful tile wall using the vanity. But what is not so noticeable is the high-tech character of this shower. It’s the Kohler DTV ll digital showering system, which controls the temperature, steam, spray, sound and lighting of your own shower all from one controller. It also has Kohler’s SoundTile speakers plus a rain-shower panel on the ceiling that offers mood lighting. Watch the end of this ideabook for the product links.

Phil Kean Designs

This shower gets exactly the same DTV ll controller, and here you get to realize that mood lighting in actions. Pretty slick.


This is one of the most whimsical and artistic showers I have ever seen. All those blue glass plates create a shower display reminiscent of big bubbles. 1 commenter notes that all you would need to do to wash them is pop them in the dishwasher.

Christopher Scott Homes

This is a shower worthy of a castle. Creamy rock, graceful arches and a vaulted ceiling all create ambiance fit for royalty.

James Patrick Walters

An indoor shower right next to an outdoor shower would have me saying, “Eeny meeny miney mo.” They are both so pretty; I don’t know if I could handle having to create such a hard decision first thing in the afternoon.

John Lively & Associates

For those who like to sing in the shower, this one has speakers all the way round. The view and amazing wood-beam ceiling give you something to sing about.

John Kraemer & Sons

The sensual lines of this undulating shower seat offer an inviting spot to perch.

Stockett Tile & Granite Company

Showers for 2 really are a terrific attribute, whether the objective is for 2 people to prepare at the same period in the morning or only keep each other company.

Helen scott

Occasionally an extremely lovely tile is enough to make a shower feel like a fantasy. This metallic damask is simply lovely.

PLAN architecture | layout | strategy

A shower does not have to be enormous to be fantastic. I adore this light-filled shower-and-tub combo. The gossamer-thin white shower curtain onto a ceiling track is a fairly look, plus it accommodates those who are modest.

Who says humans are the only ones who should have a fantasy shower? A handheld showerhead and custom tile create a shower which will make any pooch feel positively pampered.


DTV II Digital Showering System – $1,882.65

Control sound, steam, temperature and more at the touch of a button.


SoundTile Speakers – $378.25

These SoundTile speakers give you music to accompany your singing and will not get in the way of you shaking your booty.

Contemporary Showers – $3,508.95

This rain showerhead glows with coloured mood lighting for a truly sensual shower.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

Skyline Showerpanel | Hansgrohe US

One of my favorite shower panels, this one by Hansgrohe sports two fold-away showerheads at different levels, plus a fold-away nonslip footrest so ladies have a place to set their foot whilst shaving their legs. Insert the five body sprays and neat hose handling and this is a real winner.

Inform us : Did you see the shower of your dreams here? Is there anything that these photographers left out which you’d include in yours?

Dream Tubs for Bath Lovers

The situation for a Curbless Shower

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Wood Home Exteriors Branch Out

An extremely important consideration when designing a new house is discovering the materials for your exterior. Glass is a certainty for windows, but solid areas can be clad in brick, concrete, stone, metal, wood or even a combination of these and other materials.

This ideabook requires a peek at some homes that are covered in wood or predominantly feature wood on the exterior. The focus is on the design impact of the substance and its articulation on the facade, rather than on its technical characteristics.

Frank / Architects

This little house in the redwood forest of Sea Ranch in California is a great example of a construction that integrates itself through the utilization of wood over the entire exterior. Little windows predominate on the upper exterior, but a large window off the living room attracts the forest inside.

Frank / Architects

Another view of the house in the forest accentuates the integration which comes not only with covering the construction in wood but also from articulating it vertically, parallel to the redwood tree trunks.

Frank / Architects

Inside the same house, more vertical wood planks, combined with hardwood flooring, ceilings and construction, further the integration and create the spaces hot and extremely inviting.

chadbourne + doss architects

Wood is also a great material to use selectively. It can be a suitable contrast with other exterior materials, especially when the colours are dark and light. This wood cladding is shaped to frame the huge window and dark surface below.

chadbourne + doss architects

Another look at the same house makes it clear this framing is three-dimensional. Apart from raw cedar, cement and steel panels are used for the exterior. The three materials seem to interlock, accentuating the home’s quantity and imparting some verticality into it, especially with the wood.

christopher jeffrey architects pllc

The top two floors of the house in New Jersey have vertical boards of a grayed wood involving various-size windows in placements that are irregular. The big window on the floor wraps the corner towards a cantilevered balcony, a bit that brings the most attention.

christopher jeffrey architects pllc

A nearer view of the wood skin demonstrates how the dimensions of the bits is an important factor in the way the construction appears.

This exterior uses horizontal wood planks, and it is clear why. The long and low construction exudes the landscape, accentuated by the flat lines of the ground and roof, and from the orientation of the wood.

From the other side of the house, the flat pattern of the wood also strengthens the management of the home’s volume. But the articulation of the various forests — a mixture of browns and grays — lets the house also integrate itself with the landscape.

Randy Bens, Architect AIBC

Given its lightweight nature, wood can also be used for screens that filter daylight as it enters inside spaces. Wood Cabinets add interesting detail layered over glass and other materials. The angled display hung in front of the building is particularly striking.

Randy Bens, Architect AIBC

Note the difference in impacts between daylight (this photo) and following the sun goes down (previous photograph ). During the daytime the display looks almost solid from the exterior, but in the day the glow from inside is filtered, the opposite of if the sun is out.

Randy Bens, Architect AIBC

This display and its construction are closely detailed: Painted white slats are mounted to paired vertical supports which are bracketed into the roof above and horizontal framing below.

Browse modern exterior design photos

Ideabook 911: My Exterior Wants Some Punch!
How to Receive Your Own Exterior Paint Color Right

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Linsanity: Manhattan Pad or Westchester House?

You may need to be living under a rock not to have heard anything about Jeremy Lin and his rise to fame, a Cinderella story this New York Times reporter calls “the most infectious grassroots movement since the Tea Party.”

By means of a series of situation, Lin now finds himself because the unlikely star of a much maligned New York Knicks team — a situation so sudden, seeing as just a week ago, he was sleeping on his brother’s sofa (let’s hope that it was a Togo), unsure whether the Knicks would guarantee his contract for the rest of the season and reluctant to discover a permanent residence on the East Coast.

But following a series of play and also a stellar performance against the L.A. Lakers last night, Jeremy Lin is now in the market for a home. This report confirms that a agent has shown Lin two properties: a Manhattan apartment owned by a teammate, and a house in Westchester County.

My vote is for the Westchester County house. An sweet pad in the city beside the likes of Jay-Z and Beyonce would be nice and all, but nothing makes me happier than the idea of Lin — whose parents crashed at a relative’s spot in Elmhurst, to watch his game against the Lakers last night — hosting his whole extended family at a sprawling home just outside the town. And the New York Post reports that the Westchester house is near the Knicks’ practice facility in Greenburgh.

ers, let’s know in the Comments section which land you think Jeremy Lin must select: apartment or house? And while you’re at it, don’t hesitate to share photos which you think his soon-to-be hired interior designer ought to include in her or his sourcing.

Marie Burgos Design

The Bachelor Pad

This duplex penthouse is a healthy to get a highly-coveted expert athlete’s lifestyle. But Lin, a devout Christian who considers the NFL’s Tim Tebow an inspiration and role model, leads a life that is far from that of a stereotypical profile.

Debra Kling Colour Advisor

The House in the Suburbs

Can not you just picture him welcoming his parents and two brothers in a house that is comparable to this Colonial Revival?

Envision living

Goodbye, Couch Surfing

The instantly NBA sensation can look forward to a room of their own for the rest of the year. I really don’t think he will miss the sofa too much.

Tell us : Which kind of house should Lin select, and how do you style it?

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Guest Picks: Setting the Chinoiserie Table

I am sure many of us will be entertaining family and friends over Thanksgiving and the approaching Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa holidays. Add elegant and chic chinoiserie touches to your own table with these products for a really memorable dining table setting. Best of all, there’s no need to replace your china — only put in a few chinoiserie tabletop accessories.
Beth from Chinoiserie Chic


Pagoda Salt and Pepper Set – $60

Pagodas are a very hot trend in interior design. These hand-painted gold and red pagoda salt and pepper shakers are excellent additions to the chinoiserie dining table. They would work superbly with simple white linens and china.

Contemporary Serveware – $120

Peacocks are a timeless chinoiserie touch. This gorgeous pair of peacock salt cellars is constructed of pewter and comes with matching pewter feather spoons. Fill them with your favorite gourmet sea salts.


Plum Blossom Matchbox – $3.50

Light the candles on your dinner table with games out of this very elegant plum blossom matchbox. Fill a vase with pink spray orchids for the centerpiece.


Die-Cut Chinoiserie Toile Blue Place Cards – $8.50

Place cards add such an elegant touch to a dinner celebration. These blue and white chinoiserie toile ones are timeless.


Elephant Place Card Holders – $21

If you follow my blog, you know I love elephants. These place card holders come in gold or silver. Very nicely priced, they are perfect for a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower or elegant dinner party.

Kneen & Co..

Fancy Monkey Place Cards – $15

Singerie is a French expression for monkeys aping human behavior. These golden, engraved location cards with a fighter holding a parasol are a magical example. They would be a lovely finishing touch to some fancy chinoiserie tabletop.

Kneen & Co..

Lobmeyr Flower Vase with Chinoiserie Light Green – $261

This multi-colored crystal chinoiserie blossom vase is an ideal height for the dining table. Orchids or parrot tulips would be fantastic floral choices.


Five-Piece Pewter Faux Bamboo Flatware Setting – $160

Faux bamboo is an iconic chinoiserie component, and also this pewter flatware would be an extremely chic selection for your dining table. I really like pewter flatware; it is an elegant and modern alternative to silver which doesn’t require polishing.


Set of Four Silvered-Metal Bamboo Napkin Rings – $70

This pair of silvered faux bamboo napkin rings can add a bold sculptural note for your desk. These will certainly dress up simple white napkins.


Turquoise Etched Blossom Glasses – $85

What can be prettier to your chinoiserie table compared to this pair of turquoise glasses etched with cherry blossoms? They would also make candle holders that are stunning.


Flair: Exquisite Invitations, Lush Flowers, and Gorgeous Table Settings – $19.70

Joe Nye’s marvelous book Flair is a gold mine of inspiration for placing the chinoiserie dining table with style and creativity. I refer to it for inspiration.


Pandora Design Reusable Plastic Chopsticks in Coral – $24

Dress your Chinese takeout (or any meal) with those very chic, reusable plastic chopsticks in coral pink. I have these and love them! They are so much better than these gruesome free hardwood ones.

The Well Appointed House

Dransfield & Ross Pagoda Napkin Rings – $152

All these pagoda napkin rings are favorites of mine. Offered in silver, gold or clear, they will be the focal point of your table setting.

Neiman Marcus

Four Greek Essential Place Mats – $75

I much prefer place mats over tablecloths — that they have a more modern appearance and so are much less problem. These posh raffia ones possess a Greek key border and are offered in four colours for a great appearance.

Neiman Marcus

“Woven” Charger Plate – $75

This charger plate is constructed of wood with a dark finish and would be a stunning addition to the chinoiserie dining table. Chargers are a brilliant way to dress up white china.

Neiman Marcus

Reed & Barton “Sarong” Flatware – $65

This Reed & Barton stainless steel flatware was designed to look like bundles of bamboo. It is very chic and dishwasher-safe, and they do not need polishing.


Printed Cocktail Napkins – Monkeys with Umbrella – $70

Iomoi has come out with a set for Matouk, and it is delightful — much like this pair of four linen cocktail napkins with monkeys and umbrellas. You have to check out the whole collection that superbly captures the pleasure and whimsicality of chinoiserie.

Tiffany & Co..

Bamboo Bowl in Crystal – $75

This bamboo crystal bowl by Tiffany & Co. is a classic. It’s a lovely addition to your table and makes an ideal wedding gift.

Tiffany & Co..

Cirque Chinois Dinner Plate – $950

The Cirque Chinois set from the Tiffany & Co.. Paris Studio is completely sensational with its chinoiserie vignettes. Have a look at the degree of detail on the whole collection of dinnerware.

Ralph Lauren

Myra Bamboo Pitcher – $95

If you adore blanc de Chine, try out this lovely bamboo pitcher from Ralph Lauren Home. It’s just perfect for iced tea or lemonade, or you may use it as a vase.

Crystal Classics

Camelia Avenue Posy Vase, Pink – $25

This sexy pink Kate Spade vase is a perfect height for the dining room table because it doesn’t obscure your guests’ viewpoints. Group several together and fill each with a spray orchid for a gorgeous chinoiserie centerpiece.

Crystal Classics

Camelia Avenue Posy Vase, Green – $25

The Kate Spade vase can be accessible kelly green use it with all the hot pink for a preppy chinoiserie dining table centerpiece. What a way to dress up white linens and china!

Luxury Home Goods Online

Dransfield & Ross Bird In Covered Cage Mirror Placemat – $136.50

These mirrored”Bird in Covered Cage” place mats are the ultimate in luxury for that Hollywood Regency chinoiserie look. They are very glamorous.

Luxury Home Goods Online

Dransfield & Ross Mirrored Bird Placemat – $126

This is another set of amazing mirrored place mats for quite a glamorous table. I’ve a set of these, and the way that they reflect the light from candles or a chandelier is gorgeous.

Jill Rosenwald

Jill’s Key Cocktail Tray – $128

This super-chic cocktail bowl and dip bowl set with a Greek key design is lovely for the serving. If you are not familiar with Jill Rosenwald’s beautiful handmade pottery, you are in for a treat.

Leontine Linens

Leontine Paprika Linens with Charcoal Thread – $55

For the ultimate in luxury, invest in a pair of Leontine linen napkins embroidered with an Asian-inspired monogram. These are true works of art and therefore are of heirloom quality.

Number Four Eleven

Dragon Napkins – $125

These incredible and magnificent dragon napkins are available in six colour combinations.


Worcester Porcelain – Bengal Tiger Plates

Add some lovely antique or classic chinoiserie plates like these to your china set. Have a look at 1st Dibs, eBay, Etsy, antique stores, auctions, flea markets and estate sales. You do not need an whole set — look for a few salad plates, dessert plates or bowls to mix and match with your current china for a modern and diverse appearance.


Table Settings – $37.80

This is a gorgeous book on placing the table with a lot of chinoiserie inspiration. It would be a great book to give as a gift.

Michael C. Fina

Pagoda Gold Plated Napkin Rings – $145

These gold-plated pagoda napkin rings are like jewelry for a really elegant chinoiserie dining table.


Chinoiserie Soup Plate – $248

One of the most gorgeous collections of chinoiserie china is by Alberto Pinto. The attention to detail and colours are magnificent.

Traditional Candles And Candle Holders – $9

Creative Candles are my favourite candles. They are offered in 44 sophisticated colours, so you may select the colour to coordinate with your chinoiserie dining table setting. With spans up to 39″ and long burn times, these can turn into your candles of choice also.

The Pink Daisy

Mottahedeh – Blue Dragon China – $35

Mottahedeh’s Blue Dragon china is a classic classic, yet it has a daring and modern feel. You will never tire of this superb blue and white layout.

The Pink Daisy

Mottahedeh – Imperial Blue China – $30

Mottahedeh’s Imperial Blue is another great classic, and it mixes beautifully with the Blue Dragon china. Every colour of tablecloth, napkin and blossom looks great with blue and white china.


Irish Linen Hemstitched Cocktail Napkins with Plum Blossoms and Bees – $40

These linen cocktail napkins are embroidered with chinoiserie bees and blossoms in lovely colours.


Felt-Backed Bamboo Place Mat – $9.50

This place mat with a green bamboo trellis pattern is a chinoiserie classic which will give white china a fresh and modern chinoiserie look.

L.V. Harkness & Co..

Meissen Black Ming Dragon Five Piece Place Setting – $1,600

Meissen Black Ming Dragon is a very sophisticated choice of china design with its hand-painted dragons in black and gray. It’s also available in crimson and in green.

Tabletop Designs

Chinese Tigers Green Dinner Plate – $40

This is my marriage china — Wedgwood Chinese Tigers in green and I adore it. Even though it is discontinued, you may still find it on eBay and at replacement china online stores.

Beth Connolly Interiors

Red Pagoda Salt & Pepper Shaker Set – $20

These salt and pepper shakers fit together to form a pagoda — quite enjoyable!


Jason Lightfoot House Placemats – $39.85

All these Lightfoot House placemats from the Colonial Williamsburg Collection will also be in my collection. They are classic blue and white, elegant, chinoiserie and easy to care for — just wipe them off.

Next: More Asian-inspired ideas for each room in the home from Beth of Chinoiserie Chic

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Historical Modern Chicago Makeover

To get a neighborhood family with four kids, this 19th-century Queen Anne-style home in Chicago’s favorite Lincoln Park neighborhood was the perfect place to settle. A previous remodel had covered a lot of the original details with glitzy faux finishing, but the bones of their house were all beautiful.

The clients hired Jean Dufresne and his staff at SPACE Architects + Planners and inner designer Julia Edelmann of Buckingham Interiors to reveal historic detailing and give the home a sleek contemporary look. The result is a beautiful blend of traditional and modern styles that reflects the homeowners’ family-centric way of life. “They never wanted to’maintain’ or impress anyone,” says Dufresne. “It was all about family.”

SPACE Architects + Planners

The colours and materials were selected in a calm palette that will feel sophisticated but modern. The colours are muted but still pop out from the crisp white trim to draw attention to the unique period details.

Artistic light fixtures and the blank lines of mid-century furniture contrasts with the more conventional structure of the house for a unexpected and beautiful aesthetic. The unique chandelier is a vintage piece that Edelmann located from a demolished St. Louis Hotel.

Chairs: Vintage Italian, Sarlo
Table: Custom Design by Julia Edelmann, Buckingham ID

SPACE Architects + Planners

This specific road in Lincoln Park has many older homes, very similar to this one. Some have been restored and a few have been split up into flats.

Throughout the remodel, Dufresne and his staff needed to look at the house’s neighbors and how near this house was to additional buildings. Dufresne created privacy screens on the second floor deck, adding tall fencing on the east side. Netting installed at the fencing keeps the children’s balls and toys from getting into neighbors’ yards.

SPACE Architects + Planners

Edelmann had worked for the couple before. “The homeowners prefer to keep things clean and glossy so that there’s not lots of fluff cluttering their home,” she says.

They kept the gorgeous original hardwood floors — a white walnut with an ebony and walnut stain. The unique light fixture at the entryway is constructed from molded corrugated cardboard.

Lighting fixture: Gray Pants at Seattle
Tile: Slate, Materials Marketing

SPACE Architects + Planners

An original stairway contributes to another levels of this home comprising five bedrooms and five and half baths.

Lucite console: CB2
Mirror: SGGrand

Buckingham Interiors + Design LLC

The living room has enough seating for the entire family, such as four vintage cherry-red leather chairs the clients owned and a little reupholstered sofa. A large bay window enables a clear perspective and tons of natural lighting.

Sofa: upholstered in Zinc cloth

Buckingham Interiors + Design LLC

Durable fabrics in neutral colours and a sparse layout helps to keep the room kid-friendly. “There are never a lot of bits in each room, so there’s play area. Those kids love to play together and have friends over all of the time,” says Edelmann.

Gray sectional: Custom layout Julia Edelmann, Buckingham ID
Coffee table: Etsy
Rug: Atelier Lapchi

SPACE Architects + Planners

The whitewashed cabinet in the kitchen is a favourite piece. This find has a soft, beachy feel that was perfect to show the clients’ collection of pottery and sculpture. The rustic appearance contrasts with the sleek and modern kitchen.

This breakfast nook is a well-used region of the home. It has space for the kids to eat while morning light floods the room through big corner windows.

Chandelier: Robert Candelaria
Table: Crate & Barrel
Chairs: Lizz Chairs
Armoire: Jayson Home and Garden

Next: The kitchen before renovation

Before Photo

BEFORE: The initial kitchen felt far too little, had no flow and did not offer enough storage for the big family. Dufresne and his team opened the distance and enlarged the island and countertop.

The original home had numerous code violations, and also the team needed to go about fixing. Another exit was added to every degree, and many baths were reworked to get rid of awkward bumps and soffits

SPACE Architects + Planners

AFTER: The dark materials in the modern kitchen keep the room appearing clean, even if leftover crumbs litter the island countertop. The kitchen cabinetry is made out of wenge wood and charcoal grey acrylic.

Pendants: Vintage in Uber Modern, Chicago
Barstools: Design Within Reach
Countertop: Marble
Island countertop: Bitto Solid Surface

SPACE Architects + Planners

Dufresne loved designing the built-ins — especially the boys’ bunk beds. “The oldest boy wasn’t too happy to learn he would need to share a room with his little brother,” Dufresne says. “But he told me it was okay after he saw his new bunk bed! This made my day”

Bedding: Custom layout Julia Edelmann, Buckingham ID

Buckingham Interiors + Design LLC

The master bedroom performs the same grey tones in the rest of the home, however the grasscloth wallpaper adds a twist spin. The bedframe was repainted in gray grey, upgrading its traditional style.

Wall Treatment: Phillip Jeffries Grasscloth
Paint on mattress frame: Wall Street, C2 Paint

Buckingham Interiors + Design LLC

A little seating area at the conclusion of the room is the best spot to sit with a cup of coffee and a fantastic book on Sunday mornings. Dark wood shelving holds books and other collected bits and pieces for a built-in art screen.

Chairs: Vladimir Kagan
Chandelier: Vintage, Lincoln Antiques Mall

Next: A snapshot of this master bath before the renovation

Before Photo

BEFORE. Dufresne estimates this house was redone at some stage in the 1980s. When they first encountered this bathroom, it felt dark and restricted. All traces of the house’s original history was removed.

SPACE Architects + Planners

AFTER. The master bathroom is one of Dufresne’s favourite rooms in the house. “I love the freestanding bathtub — it is such a hot and tender shape,” he says. “The entire room is sun-drenched and calm.” The contrasting floor and ceiling tiles at the walk-in steam shower add depth and dimension to the otherwise all-white area.

Floor tile: Calacatta Oro, Materials Marketing
Inlet floor tile: Vintage Glass Winter Sky Luster, Walker Zanger
Wall tile: Calacatta Oro
Bathtub: Duravit

Before Photo

BEFORE. Before renovation, the back side of the house still had a more conventional appearance, and did not have quite enough outside space for your household.

SPACE Architects + Planners

AFTER. Dufrense and his team had a good deal of fun refinishing the exterior and designing the rear addition of the house. The contrast between the modern back and the historic front is the best instance of the client’s unique style. A garage on one side of this construction creates a barrier between the house and an alleyway, making a natural exterior spot for the children to play.

Photography by Eric Hausman

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Brooklyn Townhouse Full of Light

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Updated Federal Style at Massachusetts

This brick-front Federal-style dwelling built in 1789 unites the quintessential elegance of a classic home with modern upgrades in a charming country setting. An addition and renovations during Jillian and Tom’s house a good example of successful compromise, combining modern and classic styles while following the city’s strict historic architectural principles.

The home is in the heart of the historic district of Lincoln, Mass., about 20 minutes from Boston. The household of three started the one-year renovation procedure with a desire to make a real indoor-outdoor relationship with surrounding pastoral and conservation land. Their architect, Carol Marsh of Helios Design Group, states, “It was a fantastic puzzle to marry the historic aesthetics of the outside with the customer’s desire for a contemporary interior.”

at a Glance
Who lives here: Tom, Jillian, their tween daughter and two black Labrador retrievers Pudgie and Louie
Location: Lincoln, Massachusetts
Size: 5,200 square feet; 4 bedrooms, two offices, 5 baths and 4 fireplaces
Architects: Carol Marsh and Chris Hosford of Helios Design Group
Contractor: Kevin Cradock of Kevin Cradock Woodworking

Mary Prince Photography

The big, open kitchen/family room addition at the rear of the house looks through a wall of windows onto two acres of lush property. Throughout the house, windows have been added and rooms created to take advantage of the views.

The kitchen has been where the side and main entrance foyer is now. The Caesarstone quartz countertop is 10.5 feet long by 8 feet deep at the deepest point. The curved form and graduated dimensions is reminiscent of the 1950s; Jillian calls it “the grand piano.” The custom-made cabinets are curled maple and the moldings are fir. For durability, Sant Agostino Travertino Avorio 12 inch-by-24-inch porcelain tile has been chosen for the family room and kitchen flooring.

Appliances: Electrolux Icon oven, Thermador 5 burner cooktop
Sconce lighting: Zaneen Dau out of Nina’s Lighting
Island chandelier: Harco-Loor Tiara out of Chimera Lighting
Cabinetry: Kevin Cradock Woodworking
Tile floor: Roma Tile in Watertown, MA

Windows: Loewen
Paint: Benjamin Moore, Pearl;
Benjamin Moore, Sweet Butter

Mary Prince Photography

Architect Marsh stands in the remodeled kitchen with Pudgie. The kitchen opens into the family room on the right, and 2 bedrooms and a deck are located just outside this field. The new area added about 650 square feet to the home.

Mary Prince Photography

The principal entrance is on the side of the house and opens into a large foyer. The entryway floors is Southern yellow pine and stained to match the antique pine elsewhere.

Mary Prince Photography

Here is the view in the kitchen/family space to the principal entrance. The door on the left leads to a patio, the second to a complete bath and the next to a mudroom.

Mary Prince Photography

This tub off the foyer sits at which there was once a family room on top of a brick patio. The counter is cut from Bubinga African Rosewood tree, along with the mirror frame is made of the excess wood. Both were designed to link the house to the outside.

Countertop: Kevin Cradock Woodworking

Mary Prince Photography

This staircase and window, painted in high gloss white, replaced a dark, narrow-walled staircase accessible from the kitchen.

The Bocci pendant chandelier, such as most of those light fixtures in the home, is a reflection of Jillian’s preference for contemporary design components.

Mary Prince Photography

The kitchen opens into a Queen Anne-style dining room added in 1900 full with a fireplace, window seat and built in china cabinets.

Mary Prince Photography

The dining room sconces are Agatha by Hèmèra. The built in china cabinets on both sides of the doors into the kitchen have been reduced in depth to make extra space for kitchen drawers.

Jillian’s grandma’s black walnut dining room table is paired with chairs by Thos. Moser. The breakfront was purchased on Craigslist. Original sliding glass and wood pocket doors into the left lead into the living room.

Paint: Benjamin Moore, Sweet Pink C2
Lighting: Chimera
Chairs: Thos. Moser

Mary Prince Photography

This hall in the kitchen into the front door comes alive with an oil painting by Sandy Belock-Phippen. Tom’s office is on the right via original double wood doors. The room entrance is on the left.

Mary Prince Photography

A butler’s pantry with a half bath is at the end of the hall.

Cabinets: Kevin Cradock Woodworking

Mary Prince Photography

Tom’s office will be on the left and the room is on the right of the entrance staircase.

Mary Prince Photography

The first front door faces the front lawn and yard.

Mary Prince Photography

Paint: Benjamin Moore Constellation Aura Paint in Pearl

Mary Prince Photography

The first living room is directly across from Tom’s workplace and is the point where the family watches television.

Pudgie rests in Tom’s office. In the front of the fireplace is driftwood out of Martha’s Vineyard. The contemporary leaf motif on the drapes pay tribute to character.

Paint: Sweet Steak by Benjamin Moore

Mary Prince Photography

Jillian’s office/studio is filled with light and stunning views of the Lincoln Center Historic District. The late 1970s teak Danish desk, the easel and the Italian leather swivel chairs in tomato red make this space a relaxing retreat for painting, work and research.

Ban seats: Calia Italia
Drawers: Ikea

Mary Prince Photography

A late addition to the house from the 1970s, the master bedroom features excellent views of the backyard and side. This chamber is serenely supplied with little more than a bed, side tables, a television and a rug on the fir wood flooring. The bright blue walls as well as the perspectives outside the large windows create visual effect. A single first painting hangs on the wall. Just beyond the door is a big walk-in cupboard with skylights and a window.

Paint: English Lavender by Benjamin Moore
Windows: Pella Architect Series

Mary Prince Photography

The homeowners enjoy lounging in the big soaking tub and appreciating the view outdoors. Helios Design set designed the oversize shower and custom cabinetry. The 12-inch-by-12-inch floor tiles are Glassos and therefore are slip-resistant. Rosewood veneer cabinets provide plenty of storage and comprise big pullouts on both sides of the shower.

Cabinetry: Kevin Cradock Woodworking
Tile dloor: Roma Tile in Watertown, MA
Tub surround and vanity counter: Caesar Stone
Shower tile: Sicis Zinnia 3 tile out of Ideal Tile

Mary Prince Photography

This original second floor bedroom is located at the front of the house and includes a fireplace mantel with first pine molding. The dolls, a recent gift from a relative, create an eye catching display.

Paint: Van Alen Green by Benjamin Moore Historic Collection

Mary Prince Photography

A hallway bath is done entirely in travertine tile with a cherry wood vanity. It’s a large glassed-in shower stall. A big window flooding the space with natural light, providing scenic views of the outside.

Vanity: Exeter Cabinet Company, 12 Kingston Rd, Exeter, NH 03833, -LRB-603-RRB- 778-8113
Tile: United Tile America
Faucet: Grohe
Trim paint: Cloud whitened by Benjamin Moore

Mary Prince Photography

The daughter’s room, dubbed “The Princess Room,” combines the old with the new. The classic six-board torso was a Craigslist find; along with the wallpaper mural came from

Furniture (Desk, Bureau, Side tables): Ikea Malm
Mural: Murals Your Way
Paint: C2 in Kiwi
Furry bean bag chair: Pottery Barn Teen

Mary Prince Photography

The view in the road of this historic 1789 brick front Federal home belies the contemporary components within.

Helios Design Group

It is possible to see the outside of the contemporary, 650-square foot addition on the rear of the home.

Helios Design Group

Nostalgic Family Home in Upstate New York
A Home Full of History and Surprise
Northwest Home with a Mountain View

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Coverlet, Duvet, Quilt, Comforter: What's the Difference?

Putting together a gorgeous bed ensemble can be overwhelming — and more pricey. However, a couple of choice thoughtful or purchases uses of pieces you already own can easily result in a gorgeously dressed bed. Obviously, just getting through the definitions of all the choices is the very first hurdle: bedspread, coverlet, quilt, duvet, comforter, blanket — what do they all mean, what do you use what and how? Let us find out!

Alexander Johnson Photography

Bedspread. A bedspread is the name given to basically all pre-filled bed covers intended for use as the top layer on a bed. Comforters, quilts and coverlets fall into that category. They could be both decorative and warming, thick or lighter weight, in a variety of fabric. They are generally used independently, with only a sheet and some other blankets you need under, but they can be layered for decorative purposes.

Kim Nunn

Comforter. Thick and (sometimes) quilted, a comforter is different from a quilt in that colors are generally dyed and patterns are not embroidered. Comforters are full of layers of material such as lace (a synthetic fiber) down feathers, silk or wool. The loft (thickness) of this filling determines the burden as well as the level of insulation.

Comforters are stitched or quilted to secure the filling and make sure that it’s evenly distributed. They’re intended to function as bedspread, sitting together with sheets, but those who want to produce a layered appearance ought to go ahead and take action. There are not any cardinal rules to be broken in bedding!

Teton Heritage Builders

Quilt. Traditionally composed of 3 layers of fiber, quilts consist of a woven fabric shirt, a layer of batting and a woven spine, all stitched together in decorative patterns. Different from other kinds of bed covers because they are generally pieced together with many pieces of fabric, quilts are sometimes found with a single piece of cloth on the top (a whole-cloth quilt).

There are a lot of classic designs and traditions concerning the design and features of quilts. Many are given or made to mark important life events such as marriage, the birth of a child, a relative leaving house, and graduations.

Kelley & Company Home

Modern quilts are not always intended for use as bedding, and may be used as throws, wall hangings, table runners or tablecloths.

Jute Interior Design

Duvet and pay. A duvet is essentially a soft flat bag filled with feathers, down or a synthetic option. It is recommended that duvets are added into a detachable cover, much like a pillow and pillow case. Duvets and duvet covers are all designed to be used independently (with no sheets) because the insert can be removed and the outside “bag” can be laundered, but many people use them with sheets anyway.

Many people like duvets because they reduce the complexity of earning a bed, since it’s a single covering rather than the combination of bed sheets, blankets, quilts and other bed covers.

Rough Linen

Linen duvet covers such as these made and marketed by member Tricia Rose are particularly dreamy, creating a wrinkled “messiness” that looks intimate and carefree.

Duvet covers often come with the choice of matching shams, but mixing it is an easy means to produce a gorgeous bed that resembles it had been easily chucked together.

Restoration Hardware

Stonewashed Framed Belgian Linen Bedding – $59

Restoration Hardware has luxury linen bedding in more approachable prices than some of the higher-end companies. Washing and drying sheet bedding makes this breathable textile even softer and more supple.

Mark English Architects, AIA

Coverlet. A coverlet is a lightweight, non-reversible bedspread that is usually either woven or weathered. Classically designed as a decorative coating to go over thicker bedspreads, coverlets often have a thin layer of batting, making them appropriate for use as a stand-alone bed covering, based on the weight. They can also be used as throws on a bed or couch.

Due to their size and decorative quality, they’re not designed to attain a pillow tuck, as a few bedspreads are. A coverlet often has coordinating shams, but it’s most certainly not necessary to match. The design in this photo demonstrates how a simple setup with various textures could be utterly magnificent and fuss-free.

Peacock Alley Design Studio

Othello Collection – $80

Among my all-time favorite coverlets is Othello, from Peacock Alley. It comes in 3 colors and the matelasse design is super versatile, looking good on both formal, tailored beds as well as more laid-back looks, either as a standalone textile or among a more layered makeup. And, it is machine washable, to boot.

Schoolhouse Electric

Brahms Mount Cotton Herringbone Twist – $235

Throw blankets and bed scarves. These include color, texture (or both) along with casual coziness when tossed haphazardly (but attractively) on the bed.

Within this design, a coverlet is wrapped over a duvet and duvet cover to tame the discoloration that is inevitable. A throw in the end of the bed adds just enough texture and an additional coating to make the composition interesting and inviting.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

If your duvet cover is the showstopper, reverse the norm and use it along with your coverlet.

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Guest Picks: 20 Rugs from Around the World

Cabinets can perform more than warm up the flooring of your inside; they can be a cultural statement as well. Through unique rugs, you can be transported from Morocco into the Orient with only 1 step. Here are some amazing rugs from all over the globe that are sure to assist you bring color, pattern and ethnic style to your house. — Jeanine from AphroChic

Amadi Carpets

Re-Woven Turkish Rug

You can opt for big pops of color with this up-cycled Turkish flooring covering. The coolest part is that it is made from the re-dyed wool of rugs that are older.


Boucherouite #25 – $820

This Boucherouite rug hails from Morocco. Scraps of recycled substances have been pieced together to create colorful and energetic carpets that are sure to brighten any space.


Red Azillal Berber Rug – $850

In the hills of Morocco, this antique berber rug is absolutely spectacular in deep hues of black and red.

Morris Etc..

The South Portland Rug 16

Vintage Peruvian rug layout looks amazing in contemporary and fresh colors such as pink, purple and ocean green. I think this rug could be ideal for a little one’s room.

Morris Etc..

The Bracken Ridge Rug 11 – $375

This Bracken Ridge rug is 100 percent wool, one-of-a-kind and made in Peru. It’s among my favorites in candy-colored hues of pink and orange.

L’aviva house

Moroccan wedding costume – $615

Antique wedding blankets were worn by Moroccan brides on their wedding day. They are now able to be used as blankets, as well as rugs, to bring a little sparkle to a room.

The Loaded Trunk

Vintage Tulu Rug – $549

Tulu rugs are Turkish shag carpeting. The variety of colors is magnificent; just one could create a rainbow effect in a neutral room.

The Loaded Trunk

Patchwork Kilim Rug – $299

A patchwork kilim rug from Turkey is a excellent way to bring both color and design home.


Agadir Twists Rug – $498

I can’t get enough of the rug from Anthropologie. It has a mix of deep and electric hues that make it a complete statement piece.

L’aviva house

Shyrdak Felt Rugs

A rug from Kyrgyzstan is a way to add some global style. Each rug comes in many different colors and patterns so you can find the one perfect for your inside.

ABC Carpet

Color Reform 4’2″x6’0″ – $999

This Pakistani rug was re-dyed in a beautiful purple. It’s a fantastic means to usher in some color in your home.

Amadi Carpets

Beni Ouarian Rug

The abstract pattern with this Moroccan rug has a free-form illustrative feel. It’s like a work of art to your floor.

Amadi Carpets

Turkey Vintage Kilim

This classic kilim was hand-knotted in Turkey. I am a lover of the orange and purple color palette.


Tan-Tan Rug – $998

My sister just bought this Moroccan rug for the living space. It has so many colors it can be tricky to determine what sort of furniture to match it with. My suggestion would be to go with something black for a striking contrast.

ABC Carpet

Tabriz 4’8″ x 6’7″ – $5,999

I love the attention to detail present in Persian rugs. This one has so many incredible colors and patterns within it. It’s rugs such as this that truly stand out and warm up a modern inside.

ABC Carpet

Color Reform 6’1″x8’9″ – $3,799

Black and emerald green never looked as lovely as they do within this over-dyed Pakistani rug. In a space with black furnishings, this rug is going to be the star.

Doris Leslie Blau

Eastern European Flat Weave Carpet – $58,000

Can you believe that this is an early 20th century carpeting? This Eastern European rug has a graffiti-like texture for this. I love the abstract imagery and bright colors. It’s simply fantastic!


Moroccan Kilim

This Moroccan kilim in teal blue strikes my fancy. Made with a mix of cotton and silk, it would be lovely to stretch out as it is to look at.

Doris Leslie Blau

Samarkand Carpet – $28,000

This bright red rug is from East Turkestan. I love the floral theme.

ABC Carpet

Color Reform 7’9″x9’9″ – $4,499

This pink Color Reform rug from ABC Carpet & Home would look amazing in a small girl’s room. Do not you agree?

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How to Take Care of Your Countertops

It is almost here. The cooking day of champions, also called Thanksgiving. This feast involves a great deal of slicing and dicing and roasting — no matter what vegetable sides or pies are tradition to share around your family table. Here are the dos and performn’ts to get caring for your counters while they’re the hub of holiday cooking.


1. Granite is most certainly the most popular countertop option. Maintain your granite countertop looking good by wiping down with a damp cloth and a pH-neutral stone cleaner.

2. Prevent soap, abrasive cleansers, and citrus cleansers when cleaning granite countertops — those alkaline solutions can etch the stone.

3. Steel wool isn’t your counter’s buddy. It will scratch most counter tops.

4. Butcher blockcountertops are generally made of maple or walnut and come in wide plank or thin strips in terms of style. The wide plank design is more apt to warp.

5. Be sure to use only food-grade mineral oil to stop the wood from warping and drying out. Steer clear of olive or vegetable oils for your butcherblock countertop — those oils may turn rancid.

6. Reapply mineral oil whenever the wood appears dry. You will want to use a generous quantity of mineral oil — continue reapplying until you find the timber is no longer accepting any more oil.

Warmington & North

7. Cooking oil bottles may in fact leave ring marks on stone surfaces that could be hard to remove. Use coasters or a menu beneath bottles to stop marks.

8. Take care of the counter from vinegar, lemon, tomato, and other acidic foods, that will etch marble.

Walker Shop

Modern-Twist Studio Trivetz – $12

9. Every countertop — even rock — requires a trivet as protection from hot pots and pans. Burn marks are permanent, so it’s ideal to be safe than sorry.

10. Kitchen Cabinets often become germ-keepers. It is ideal to use dishrags instead. But if you are fond of your sponges, don’t use the identical sponge to wash dishes and your countertop.

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Alternatives to Granite Countertops, Part II
Alternatives to Granite Countertops, Part III
Brighten Up That Space Under Your Sink

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