How Do I Store Items in a Small Bath Without Vanity?

Every inch counts in a small bathroom with no vanity. A pedestal sink or floating-shelf-style sink may be a good-looking space saver, but it lacks storage for bath essentials, from tissue into toiletries. You don’t require vanity storage with shelf, bin, hanging basket and built-ins which you can make.

Pedestal Skirt

You have plenty of storage space beneath a pedestal sink when you enclose this area with fabric panels. Hem two panels to size, so they hang from only under the sink into the floor, meeting in front for easy access. Hang them with hook-and-loop tape, so that you may take them down to launder as needed. For a little toilet, use outwardly patterned fabric with stylish punch.

Up the Wall

Explore wall storage ideas if you don’t have a vanity. Safe a wine rack near the sink or bathtub for rolled towels. Mount wooden boxes by their seams in staggered or straight lines for lotions, makeup or hair-styling appliances. Fix a magnetic strip into the wall to get hairpins, tweezers, nail clippers, scissors and other small metal items. Even toothbrush holders come in wall-mounted varieties, and a few full-length mirrors have storage supporting them, built into the plan.

Bar the Door

Should you ignore the door, you’re missing various storage opportunities, other than towel and housecoat hooks. Hang two or three towel bars over the door, not only for towels, but also for little cloth bags to get color-sorted laundry to contain dirty clothes. Insert a few S-hooks into a bar for hanging bathroom brushes, loofahs or some other smaller items with holes or loops in their handles for hanging.

Over-Door Storage

By framing the door’s upper sides with decorative corbels, you bring the eye up, increasing a little toilet’s visual stature and developing a place for the over-the-door shelf. Use this storage space for tissue roll jars and storage of toiletries, like cotton balls and swabs.

Hang Ups

Decorative chain is not only for swag-style lamps;, if it’s installed to toilet and electrical codes, then such a lamp brightens and enlivens a little space. Hang bronze, bronze or gold-colored string from the ceiling near a wall. Use clothespins to hold small items, from makeup bags to just-washed undies to dry on the string. Hanging near the sink, three-tiered fruit baskets make ideal storage bins to get folded facecloths, hand towels and prettily packaged soaps.

At the Wall

Conventional shelves protrude, consuming inside space. Recessed nooks or built-in shelving does more than provide extra storage space, in addition, it makes a small bathroom appear bigger. Open the wall and construct shelves involving studs — or heavier, depending on the adjoining room — in areas where plumbing and wiring are not in the way. This creates a more seamless, streamlined appearance, letting the eye to travels into the nooks, as if the walls are pressed.

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