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This is a glimpse in the bathroom of my favorite Brooklyn, New York, store, Caribou Baby. I wish every diaper change of my baby girl could happen within this pretty area. Obviously, the wall layout is. But I was surprised to find out its origin.

Expecting to hear that this pattern is from a new trendy background lineup (which all appear to run $125 a roster), I was amazed to hear that the walls of this bathroom are coated in another than Ikea fabric.

Continue reading for more details of this bathroom makeover, and I’ll discuss some rooms using a similar background design (that are probably on the pricier side of trendy).

Produced by Kristen Reifsteck, the bathroom inside the Caribou Baby store features Ikea fabric mounted with a paste that is homemade.

Teamed with a classic black pendant lighting and timber accents, the wallcovering gives the bathroom a perfectly rustic modern style that also feels joyful.

Tip: If you’re looking to make within the distance by your infant’s changing table, know that patterns and colours certainly draw in babies (and help distract them while you’re performing a diaper change).

That modern woodsy style is captured by the layers of the treehouse along with bird motif and colours I adore.

You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on background to get a rad, modern layout. At $7.99 a yard, this Monalis fabric is quite a steal.

Leclair Decor

This background has a tree motif that also has a rustic modern design. Background — or fabric used as background — with vertical lines in the design, as in this wallpaper with the trees, helps make a space appear taller.

Birds of a feather flock together. This background design reminds me of this fabric on the walls in the Caribou Baby bathroom. The big difference is that this background is just white and black.


Daydream Wallpaper, Gray – $125

This bird-motif background by designer Julia Rothman has a whimsical spirit. The dark colours make a comfy feeling, similar to the Ikea fabric.

Melissa Miranda Interior Design

I adore the look of darker background in a bathroom. It adds to this cozy, intimate vibe you expect to have while you’re in the loo.

Background for Dark and Dreamy Bedrooms

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