Throw Pillows that Make Me Grin

Another day I needed to to stop and toss out my cheapie IKEA that is last throw pillow. It began as a fairly green silk(ish) material, but wound up up coated in water blots and unidentifiable places. Because of this, my couch appears not clothed.

But maybe not for extended. Inspired by Analog Devices’s interview about her ratty nest, with Wendy, and the awesome pillows Wendy makes, I will be on the search for for an ideal pillows for my slate of a couch. My livingroom is contemporary with brilliant red accents in the artwork, a carpet, wood, as well as a boxy leather couch. Some work might be taken by choosing the best pillows.

But in the meantime, I Have come across lots of pillows that simply get me grin, even though they are not appropriate for my home. Like these:

The Ratty Nest

Here is the picture that inspired the entire ideabook – a few of the home made pillows of Wendy. I particularly adore the rosettes – it reminds me of a J. Crew tshirt!


Nina van de Goor’s not dull, interesting pillows are ideal for her flat, which can be brimming with electricity.

Shoshana Gosselin

This chamber is clear and preppy and really flawlessly girly. I really like the large, brilliant flowers.

The Ratty Nest

Wendy produced these pillows. Is not the plane perfect for a boy’s chamber?

Among the pleasant things about toss pillows is they’re a great way to combine a whole lot of styles without overpowering a chamber.

Abelow Sherman Architects LLC

I really like this apple – almost as much as I adore the combination of accents that are green using a couch that is purple.

Kerrie L. Kelly

That is certainly one of my alltime favourite pictures that are Houzz – the colours are excellent and these pillows are pretty but also very asking.

Simply Grove

I should take a mood that is shape to day – I adore this as much as I adore the shape pillow of Wendy.

Amelia Bennett

This Amelia Bennet pillow is a complete thing of beauty.

Simply Grove

This combination of designs and designs is inert and wonderful, and seems really comfortable.


This rosette pillow is quite – Wouldn’t imperfect in the area of a little girl’s? Or, for for example, the chamber of an enormous girl?

Jennifer Hulse Style

I enjoy this bright combination of design and straipes – it is not therefore totally cliffy!

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