To Unfreeze a Pool Vacuum

A pool pump may be brought about by two different things. The first, and most common, is that the pump has not yet been winterized and has actually frozen due to low temperatures. This scenario can be rectified and the pump will operate again. The cause is that the engine bearings do not enable the pump motor to turn and have seized up. This can be repaired when the bearings are clogged with dirt, rust or debris. The engine has captured and When the bearings are worn out , the bearings need to be replaced.

Frozen Water

Eliminate the filter basket and the filter cap and check inside the filter casing for water. If the pump has not yet been drained for the winter and the temperature has dropped below freezing, the chances are that water from the pump has frozen.

Eliminate or the unions which join the pump casing and engine into the filtration system. Cut the PVC piping at 4 inches, when there aren’t any marriages which may be dismantled. You may add in two marriages once you reconnect the pump into the filtration system, by enabling 4 inches of excess on either side.

Bring the pump casing into an area. The pump can be flushed and the ice in the pump melts, winterized and reconnected back into the filtration lines of the pool.

Frozen Bearings

Enlist the help of a buddy.

Tap on the side of the engine casing with a little hammer. Don’t use much pressure and literally perform a”tap-tap-tap” along the side of the engine housing to loosen up any rust or dirt which might have jammed the engine bearings.

Turn on and off the engine when doing this. Have a partner flip the power button”on” for a second or 2, then reverse it into the”off” position for a second or 2. Keep tapping on the engine housing. If the engine doesn’t begin to operate after a couple of minutes of this process, the bearings are totally frozen and need to be replaced before the functioning of the engine can restart.

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