Tips on Cleaning Brass Screws

Screws include a feeling of elegance to your own home. As time passes, they get filthy and produce a bluish green tinge recognized as a patina. You will find lots of ways to clean and shine the screws, including some organic techniques when you have eliminated your screws. In case you if you choose to to shop the screws, the need can be reduced by cleansing them correctly first if it is time for cleansing.

About Brass

A steel alloy composed of zinc and copper, brass, is a conventional steel used to produce several family products, including screws, light fixtures, door knobs and candlesticks. When it is exposed to the air, it oxidizes to the bluish green patina. This patina clear and can keep the brass from seeking shiny. Some brass items, including screws, are really steel-plated with brass. These items tend to rust rather of oxidize. By attempting to select them up using a magnet test your screws; correct brass does not adhere to magnets. In the event your screw is attracted by the magnet, the screw is brass-plated metal, meaning brass cleansing techniques that are conventional will not be be successful. It’s possible for you to remove the rust with good-grade steel-wool, but it’s probably to eliminate the brass plating at the same time.

Natural Techniques

There is no need to purchase brass cleaners that are costly when there are lots of cleaners to pick from. Start with water as well as several drops of dish washing liquid. When the screws are dry, rub them using a lemon or protect them in a paste of equal elements of vinegar, flour and lemon-juice or table salt. When the paste dries, rub the very top of the screw as well as the threads having a tooth-brush that is damp and wipe it off using a micro fiber fabric. Be cautious using and certainly will scratch the brass — mild rubbing is crucial. Cleaners you probably have in your ice box contain ketch-Up and Worcestershire sauce. The two of these have enough acid to assist clear the screws and eliminate the patina.

Chemical Techniques

Some brass cleaners include abrasives that scratch the brass, from remaining clear for lengthy, avoiding the screws. In the event the techniques that are normal are not acquiring your brass screws clear to your satisfaction, pour some hotwater and and handful of of ammonia — about eight component ammonia to eight to 1 components water. Scrub them beneath the water using a toothbrush subsequent to the brass screws have soaked for a number of minutes. Rinse them with water that is clear, then enable them to dry. As an alternative to using ammonia you are able to also combine one-part bleach with two components water.


Subsequent to the screws are clear, it really is time to make them shiny and vivid. There are techniques to generate your own even though you’ll be able to purchase brass polish. Mix whiting or baking-soda — a finely-ground chalk accessible for the most part paint retailers — and boiled linseed-oil and rub it on the screw having a micro fiber fabric. Apply a slender layer wipe a-way and of vehicle wax to the screw. Dip a cloth to the vinegar after which into salt another idea will be to heat some vinegar and wipe the fabric within the brass screws.


Cleansing them can lessen the a-Mount of patina that may develop, in the event that you are organizing to shop your screws and scrubbing needed to get your screws shiny. Drop them in a zip-leading bag using rice to absorb dampness or a pack. Do not place them in a brown-paper bag or with rubberbands, equally which include oxidizing brokers that can motivate a patina to produce on your screws.

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