The way to Grow Potted Fig Trees

Figs are one of the least complicated fruits to develop and the trees endure few disease or pest problems. Figs thrive in the warmer climates of U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 7 through 11. The trees thrive in containers, which is particularly helpful in colder zones because you can move them to a protected area in winter. Choose many different fig tree that self-pollinates for best outcomes. Some kinds of fig tree, such as “Brown Turkey,” are far better suited for colder climates than many others.

Steep a handful of compost or organic fertilizer in water overnight, then strain and pour the water onto the soil each month until late night. At the onset of the season, dig a handful of compost into the container soil.

Keep the tree well-watered through the summer and spring, watering when the soil is dry 1 inch beneath the surface. Should you allow the soil dry out completely, the leaves will drop off as well as the tree is not as likely to produce fruit.

Prune the fig tree as required to control its growth. Cut off any dead sections of wood and remove branches that are growing across other divisions. The ideal time to prune is after harvest, notes horticulturist Ellen Barrado of Bowood Farms.

Wrap the container using a sheet of burlap or a blanket in the winter to protect the tree’s roots from deep snow and frost. If the temperatures drop below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, your very best choice is to bring the container indoors to a cool and dark area, like a basement or garage, to get the winter. The tree should be dormant until you bring it in. Water the container to keep the soil from totally drying out but do not worry when the tree drops its leaves in the winter.

Check the fig tree for almost any insects, such as aphids, before you bring it indoors for the winter or outdoors for the season. “Organic Gardening” magazine recommends spraying the tree with dormant oil, which will suffocate and kill any insects until you bring the tree in it.

Re-pot that the fig tree every two or three years using fresh container soil. Carefully remove the tree and its roots in the container. Empty from the container and then clean it thoroughly, or utilize a new grass. Fill the container with fresh ground and replant the tree, being careful not to cover the crown.

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