The best way to Plant a Potted Peony

Garden facilities generally promote peony crops that are potted in the spring. Peonies develop in to plants that are bushy with 6 inch diameter blossoms. Space this perennial in accordance with its size, about 36-inches broad and tall. These plants stay longer when planted in fall or the spring, preferably in the floor.

Pick an area . Look for a guarded location to avoid wind damage to the crops. Select an area from shrubs and tree roots, as competitors for nutrients and moisture causes a reduction in flower size.

Dig a hole using a shovel twice as broad as the potted peony’s root ball and 18-inches deep. Break dirt clods up using the fringe of of the shovel. Mix a-2-inch layer of compost to the soil removed in the hole.

Place 2″ of soilandcompost mixture in the base of the hole. Mix 1/2 cup of bone meal with the soil in the bottom of the hole to supply a supply of slow release nutrients for the peony . that is plant

Tilt the plant and squeeze the sides of the plant pot to loosen the root ball. Pull the peony. Add enough soil in the hole to spot the very top of the root ball at ground-level. Place the root ball and fill the region round the root ball. Plant peony crops that are other 48-inches away.

Spread a 1/2 inch layer of compost throughout the root location. Cover the layer with 2″ of an organic mulch like bark. This decreases the development of weeds and keeps the soil moist underneath. Soak the soil with water before the roots are moist.

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