The best way to Install a Middle-Opening Curtain Rod

A heart- opening rod means you don’t need to touch your curtains open and to shut them. Whatever you do is pull the cord connected to the pulley. In principle, this indicates as they’re being touched often, the curtains should remain clean longer. It’s important to calculate carefully to make sure the rod is positioned properly at your window.

Measure the width of your window before buying your heart- opening. Purchase a-rod which is by 1 to 3-feet, to ensure the whole window is included in the curtains. Divide the variation in window width and curtain rod size by 2. The outcome of the calculation is.

Mark the positions for the finish brackets, using a pencil. The peak will rely just how much you really want them to to increase past the underside of the window and on the fall size of your curtains. The the length in the window edge will rely the way much it extends on both sides of the window and on the amount of the curtain rod.

Drill the holes that are required and mount the brackets using the screws supplied by the curtain rod maker.

In case your curtain rod is long enough to need one Mark the place for the middle assistance clip. Drill the holes that are required and secure the clip to the wall using the screws supplied.

If one is required set the rod in addition to the brackets and assistance clip. Determine which aspect of the window the pulley will hang before doing so. Choose along side it to which it’s most easy to obtain entry. Like, if there exists a a bit of shelving or furniture on the best side but the wall on the left aspect is mo-Re open, hang the pulley.

Pull the cord loop from wheels and the stem of the pulley therefore it hangs down, prepared for use. The pulley stem utilizing the the apparatus supplied by the curtain rod maker. Test the pulley to make sure the curtain rings transfer ahead when the cord is pulled and backward. Before hanging, utilizing the brush of your vacuumcleaner dust the rod connected to the extension wand.

Buff the finials having a micro-fiber cloth and connect them to the end-of the rod. Attach the required quantity of curtain clips and hang them.

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