The best way to Grow Corn in Planters

Sweet, clean-picked the best sidedish is made by ears of corn at summertime picnics or barbecues. You do not require a big area or backyard to appreciate the flavor of home-grown corn, which thrives through 9 in Sunset’s Environment Zones a 1. They they do not mind expanding in cramped circumstances, although corn crops mature to 8-feet tall. Corn crops require to develop for pollination, although many crops dis-like crowding. While yielding a little harvest of corn plants make an outstanding privacy screen on your porch or balcony.

At least four 20-inch containers with potting soil. Use containers to get a greater harvest of corn.

Combine the soil using a well-balanced fertilizer, like 101010, according to the manufacturer’s the of directions Corn crops require plenty of nutrients and feed seriously.

Make three 1 inch- holes in the soil per container. Space the holes 4″ apart.

Sow two corn seeds in every single hole two weeks following the last frost day of your area’s. Cover the seeds with 1-inch of soil.

Put the container or in still another warm, sunny place.

Water the corn seeds before the soil feels moist. Keep the soil moist. When soil temperatures exceed 60 degrees Fahrenheit, corn seeds germinate within seven to 10 times.

If both seeds germinate corn seedlings to one-per hole.

Water the corn seedlings once-per day in the first morning. Watering as required to keep the soil round the roots moist of the corn.

A 101010 water soluble fertilizer once per week when the corn crops reach 2 feet tall.

When they begin creating tassels shake the corn stalks back and forth. This assists the corn crops pollinate one another.

Tassels are formed by ears of corn in about three months following the crops. Pick the corn when ears feel the silk as well as organization turns brown.

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