The Best Places to Stash Small Kitchen Appliances

There are the big 3 appliances — the fridge, range and dishwasher — which most of us know and which are must-haves for each kitchen. However, through the years, little, single-purpose appliances also have proliferated. Toasters, mixers, blenders, food processors, bread manufacturers, waffle makers, coffee machines and so a lot more gadgets have become a part of our kitchens.

However, where do we keep these appliances when they’re not being used? How do we keep them close at hand with no taking up precious counter space?

Darren James Interiors

An appliance garage. Utilize a smaller part of a tall cupboard if you don’t have a large cupboard or pantry space for all these appliances. Add cupboard doors which may move entirely out of the way, and place the appliances on a rollout shelf for easiest accessibility.

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With an outlet or two at the back wall, the appliances will be ready to use when needed and hidden from sight when not.

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Purpose-built closets. You can also dedicate a cupboard for a particular small appliance. Among the most typical uses it to shop mixers. Possessing the mixer on a pullout or lift-up shelf keeps the appliance useful and easily stored away. This is a really useful bit of cabinetry for an appliance used frequently.

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Don’t forget to use every inch of space. It is rather simple to produce some unique and advanced small places with all the different kinds of cabinetry hardware accessible.

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A little appliance closet. A closet-like space may be a fantastic home to all your little appliances. Equipping the cupboard with strong rollout shelves may make obtaining at them simple. When you are finished blending, mixing or toasting, just return the appliance to its home and close the door.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

The most omnipresent little appliance needs to be the coffeemaker. More frequently than not, this superb little machine is placed in which it takes up precious counter space. Rather than let it get in the way, try placing it in a dedicated cabinet, away from the main work area. This manner that individual who desires another cup of morning joe remains out of the cook’s way.

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If a committed cabinet is not in the cards, then try placing the coffeemaker at a committed corner constructed into the corner.

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A shelf in the pantry. Putting these appliances at a dedicated space in a cabinet will work, particularly if the cabinet is well thought out and organized. A pair of pocket doors supplies ample access and turns the cabinet to what it must be: an expansion of the kitchen.

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If budget permits, a built-in coffeemaker using a slide-out counter can’t be overcome.

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A corner counter. If your kitchen has the space for this, a committed work area will make using that coffee maker, mixer or panini press even more enjoyable — and make room for more than 1 cook in the kitchen.

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