How to Grow Euonymus Alatus From Seeds

Euonymus alatus, also known as winged euonymus or burning bush, adds stunning autumn color to the garden. Hardy into U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zone 4, Euonymus alatus is tolerant of contamination, pollution, heat and colour. While this low-maintenance shrub survives virtually every urban state, it requires summer wateringsoil along with also a substantial quantity of space. The cultivar Compactus is considered a dwarf of those species, in a mere 9 to 11 feet tall and wide. Euonymus alatus cultivars do not grow true from seed, but the plant may share many of the attributes of its parent plant.

Seeds from a Euonymus alatus shrub in the autumn, when split and the fruits start to dry out.

Put the seeds in a plastic bag or jar full of moist sand. Clearly label contents and the date on the bag using a permanent mark.

Put the bag in the back of the fridge to stratify, the seeds for 3 weeks, or cool.

Put a heating pad. Cover it with plastic to protect it from moisture and flip it on the lowest setting.

Fill a seed starting tray with soil. Put the Euonymus alatus seeds on the top of the ground, then cover them with sand. Moisten the sand using a spray bottle.

Cover starting tray with plastic wrap. Place it on top of the heating pad. Euonymus alatus seeds require a continuous temperature of 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit to germinate.

Check to make certain that the sand is moist. Mist using a spray bottle of water. Euonymus alatus seeds germinate in about 8 weeks.

After sprouting plant the seedlings. Put in a sheltered location in the sunroom or on the patio before the weather warms and all chance of frost is past.

Plant your Euonymus alatus shrubs 6 to 10 ft. When the soil is dry to your touch water regularly.

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