How Are Side Rails Attached to Glass Shower Doors?

Traditional showers feature metal framing around the border of each glass panel, hiding the edges of the glass from viewpoint while providing structural support. The side rails in a shower attach to the door using glazing strips, similar to those found in windows. If you’re considering installing a bathtub door yourself, then stick to doorways equipped with safety glass, wear gloves and work carefully to reduce your risk of harm.

Glazing Channels

The edges of a glass shower door comprise a glazing channel, which typically consists of vinyl. This u-shaped channel wraps snugly around the edges of the glass before the frame is installed. It’s designed to fit snugly within the metallic frame, holding the frame in place while maintaining water in the bathtub where it belongs. Shower door manufacturers only place each rail over the glazing channel and tap it firmly in place until the glazing vinyl is concealed from view. Once all four rails are connected to the door, they typically are connected using screws at every corner.

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