Guest Picks: A Travel-Inspired Kitchen

Kitchen accessories are my favourite souvenirs to bring back from trips around the world. If you’re dreaming about France, Japan or some other international destination, why not get it done the other way around and fill your kitchen with travel-inspired accessories? It’s a great way to picture your fantasy — and allow it to come true, I trust! — Marie out of Food Nouveau


River Collection Plates From Snowden Flood – GBP 129

These plates utilize London landmarks in a contemporary and distinct way, leaving a great deal of white space to beautifully frame whatever you’ll opt to serve in them.

Melanie Saucier

London Oven Mitt – $17.95

If you’re like me, then your oven mitts are always out and easy to reach. Since I see them all the time, it’s essential to choose a print that’s amazing and inspirational. This elegant London oven mitt fits the bill perfectly. I love the phone booth’s color and the stitching detail.


Bento Box With Cover – $23.10

Bento boxes: When I could eat every and every meal in one of those gorgeous compartmental boxes, then I’d! They are so elegant and look like jewellery boxes. The truth is that melamine is a really resistant and durable substance, so investing in a melamine bento is a superb idea.


Pair Of Chopstick Bowls In Graphite Gray And Cherry By NstarStudio – $50

A bowl of noodles is my beloved go-to fast and easy weeknight meal. Since I eat them so frequently, I love to search for noodles bowls, especially magnificent ones such as those eye-popping red bowls. The chopstick-holding holes really are a pleasant and smart addition!


Team Montreal Barbecue Towel By Avril Loreti – $25

The Montreal Canadiens are still an institution, if you’re from Quebec or not. This tea towel, adorned with a classic Canadiens illustration, is the ideal present for any hockey-loving cook.


Big Ben London Tea Bag Tidy From Cecily Vessey – $11.09

A London-inspired tea time? But of course! I love the minimalist Large Ben illustration that adorns the base of the Tea Bag Tidy.

Three Potato Four

City Series By Jim Datz, San Francisco – $60

I have yet to visit San Francisco, so this one hits close to home. I know I will fall in love with the city that the minute I set foot over there, and also this vintage-inspired print by Jim Datz, which highlights the city’s best areas and attractions, reminds me of that every day.


Did you know? The Eiffel Tower From sonodesign – $12.66

Fun facts adorn these color-blocked coffee cups. Did you know that sixty lots of paint are necessary to paint the Eiffel Tower? Neither did I. Collect all of the cups and discover more interesting facts from cities across the world, such as Pisa, London or New York.


Totem Bowls – $84

Want to bring fun to the breakfast table? These stackable bowls which show a contemporary take on the Native American totem carving tradition will wake up everyone and spark conversation.


Fred M Cup Measuring Matroyshkas – $12.99

A classic by whimsical home accessory firm Fred, these Russian Matroyshkas dolls double as useful measuring cups.

The Future Perfect

Palace Palazzo Borghese Fruit Or Dessert Plates And Serving Bowl – $187.50

This one’s so smart! Six dessert plates and a serving bowl represent Rome’s Palazzo Borghese when stacked. Designer Alessandro Zambelli has also created five additional collections representing classic Italian structures, each serving a different use, from cookie jars to soup dishes. I can barely think of a better looking present — a necessity for Italy lovers!


Classic French Grain Sack Launched Bon Appetit Kitchen Towel By BBlaeser – $10

Every kitchen needs a magical French touch. This 100-percent cotton grain sack features an elaborate classic print which makes it look like you’ve inherited it from the French grandparents you wish you’d.


Paris Photography Set Orange French Art Prints By small brown pen – $78

Is anyone not dreaming about Paris? Little Brown Pen’s photography makes sure we do. I love how she reveals the town in another way — preventing all the clich├ęs! Many distinct collections can be found, all categorized by color, so you’re guaranteed to find a set that’s perfect for your decoration.


Compact Chopsticks – $22

Did you know Japanese people often carry their own pair of chopsticks around? I enjoy the thought and this compact pair is easy to slip into a lunch bag.


Opinel Knife Set – $88

Fancy knives abound, but a few classics will never go out of fashion. Opinel has introduced its “essentiels du cuisinier” (the cook’s principles) in beautiful vivid colours, which my Grandma, who employed Opinel knives her life, could have adored. These knives last a life — the perfect gift for newlyweds!

Society 6

Le matin By Paris Vs New York – $35

Paris or New York — which one’s your favourite? They are these amazing cities, so intriguing and so distinct. Artist Vahram Muratyan has framed both towns’ quirks in bright manners. Browse through the full collection to find the one which reflects your love of both metropolises’ contradictions the ideal.


Francis Francis X7 Black iperEspresso Machine – $295

I believe Italy changes everybody’s coffee-world upside down. How can you return to dull, watery drip coffee when you’ve gotten wealthy, creamy and chocolaty Italian espressos? Quick, purchase an espresso machine and continue the Italian heritage in your home.

MoMA Store

New York Coffee Cup – $15

In case you feel nostalgic about New York, why not enjoy your java in this charming replica of this ubiquitous NYC coffee cup? More than 180 million of the identifying blue-and-white Grecian-style cups, designed in the early ’60s, are employed in NYC every year.


Copenhagen Tea Towel – EUR 11

I am flying to Denmark in the spring and this tea towel, including whimsical Copenhagen-inspired prints, makes me long to be there. I can not wait to see those icons in individual!


Spice And Herb Prep Set By Home & Garden – $63.34

If you’ve had the luck to enjoy a cooking course in Italy, you probably left with the urge to bring a mezzaluna straight home. Widely used by Italian home cooks, this knife makes the task of chopping herbs a cinch — and it’s safe too! Both of your hands are holding the grips, which lessens the danger of cutting yourself to zero.

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