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Green is more popular than ever for house interiors and accessories, but have you considered it to your home’s exterior? A green front door, whether in a daring chartreuse or a more neutral shade of green, is a fantastic way to welcome people. The green on your front door may select up on the various green colors found in your landscape, softening — or enlivening — your own entrance.

These houses with a selection of green front doors, along with sample palettes, can enable you to get a similar effect.

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1. Green Door With a Blue-Gray Exterior

With a glowing leafy-green door and cool blue-gray siding, this is one happy, contemporary palette. The stone cladding and the timber fence function as neutrals, and since the siding shade has so much gray in it, it also functions as a neutral, allowing the bold green shade of the property’s entrance to pop.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: To get a similar look, you could go with white trim, as shown in the photo, or select up on the siding colour and move a bit darker to the trim colour. Suggested paints (clockwise from top left, all from Pratt & Lambert): Green Blitz 17-9, Lava 28-17 and Confederate 27-21.

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2. Green Door With a Brick Exterior

This handsome, elegant house is resplendent with its ultramarine-green front door and soft sage-green trim. Green doors really stick out against red brick since both colors are opposite each other (or complementary) about the colour wheel. If the door were in a warm shade of red or orange it would blend in with all the brick.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: If you enjoy this look, attempt (clockwise from top left, either from Benjamin Moore) Steamed Spinach 643 and Nantucket Gray HC-111.

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3. Green Door Using a Cool-Neutral Exterior

If you favor softer, more succulent greens, try pairing them with a dark, cool exterior shade. It grounds and contrasts nicely with a light, almost light, doorway shade .

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: Get an identical look with (clockwise from top left, all from Pittsburgh Paint) Bleached Spruce 208-4, Pegasus 517-1 and Volcanic Ash 555-6.

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4. Cool Green Door With a Stone Exterior

Houses with neutral-colored stone siding may sport just about any colour on front door. But again, remember that if you want the door to take centre stage, you are going to want to paint it a shade throughout the colour wheel from the colour of the rock.

In this example, the rock has both warm and cool tones, so the enchanting arch-top door with its cool green stands out while also picking up on a number of the stone’s cooler colors.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: If you enjoy the look of this blue-green door but do not have rock siding, then you could try this case palette (clockwise from top left, all from Martha Stewart Living): Hummingbird Blue MSL135, Bedford Gray MSL246 and Magnetite MSL278.

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5. Green Door With a Warm-Neutral Exterior

If you live in a hot climate, it is a fantastic idea to maintain the exterior of your house light in colour to limit solar heat gain. But lighter colors do not have to be dull. Liven up beige and white with a fairly grass-green front door.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: Clockwise from top left (all from Sherwin-Williams): Lounge Green SW6444, Snowbound SW7004 and Classical White SW2829.

Kettelkamp & Kettelkamp

6. Bright Green Against Bright White

Consider your garage door when choosing a paint palette to the exterior of your property. The nice thing about a white house is that you can paint your door any colour you want, including this fabulous and glowing gecko green.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: White or light gray siding serves as a nice background for vivid green doors. Here are a few options, clockwise from top left: Tequila Lime 2028-30 and Whitestone 2134-60 (both from Benjamin Moore), and Chinese Chartreuse 074-6 and Misty Windowpane 144-2 (both from Mythic Paint).

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7. Green Door With Warm Terra-Cotta

Here’s another light exterior palette that’s ideal for a house in a hot climate. Terra-cotta pavers can be complicated to work with because of the extreme pinkish-orange colour. A warm yellow siding colour and a light jade-green door work nicely with the terra-cotta.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: Clockwise from top left (all from Kelly-Moore Paints): Gardening Girl KM3278-2, Beachcomber KM3844-2 and Christi Cream KM3577-1.

RW Anderson Homes

8. Lime Green Door With a Dark Gray Exterior

Although dark gray is a neutral, it is superdramatic as an exterior color. If you want your front door to have any attention, it requires its dramatic color — like this bright lime green. If you go for a palette like this, maintain the trimming simple in either white or black.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: Clockwise from top left (all from Valspar): Awakening 6006-10C, Muted Ebony 4008-2C and Almost Charcoal 4008-2B.

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9. Yellow-Green Door With Wood Siding

If glowing lime green is simply not the front-door hue for you, try this soft shade of yellow-green instead. This hue works especially well if you have cedar shingle siding, stone or brick. These materials can sometimes read as busy in colour and layout, so the softer color on the entrance offers a nice contrast.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example Shade: Clockwise from top left (all from Glidden): Soothing Green Tea GLG21 and White on White GLC26 with cedar shingles.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: Listed below are a few options to get a dark sage-green door and cut against a light, neutral house shade. Clockwise from top left: Sage Saga 156-4 and Garden of Eden 156-1 (both from Mythic Paint), and Sage Green Light SW2851 and Nuance SW7049 (both from Sherwin-Williams).

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